3 Ways To Build Ab Muscle Fast

Build Ab Muscle Fast

Build Ab Muscle Fast

There are several myths that are involved in the training of abdominal muscles, which are misleading the trainees. There are also several gadgets which guarantee six pack abs. But you can achieve the same from the daily exercise performed with the equipment in the gym.

If training in a proper way, you can achieve the desired abs which people consider to be very unique. The principles of tricep and bicep training also apply on abs training. Here are the three important elements for your abs workout:

1. High intensity muscular overload

2. Progressive intensity, workout after workout

3. Proper frequency to avoid over and under training

Mainly, people perform crunches and sit ups for their abs, but these are generally good exercises which prove point 1 above. But how many people perform these exercises to satisfy point 2? If you do 15 ab crunches everyday for a year, why would your abs muscles grow? For development, you need to increase the intensity.

The best suggested abs exercises that give good results are:

1. Weighted Crunches

The best awarding way to perform weighted crunches is to lie on the floor with the head close to the low pulley weight stack. With the help of the rope handle, hold the ends and pull till it gets tight and your hands rest at the side of your head near the ear. Then contract your ab muscles in a crunch which lifts your shoulders from the floor and draws the weight stack by an inch or so. Choose a weight with which you can perform only 8 to 12 reps.

Weighted Crunches

2. Weighted Inclined Sit Ups

Kneel on the floor or sit directly under the rope handles that you have attached to the pulley. Now pull the handles next to your ears, and contract your ab muscles into a crunch which raises the weight an inch or two. Here also choose a weight with which you can perform only 8 to 12 reps.

Weighted Inclined Sit Ups

3. Weighted Sit Ups

Lie down on the floor and do a sit up while holding a bar against your chest.

Weighted Sit Ups

After each successive workout, increase the weight by 5 to 15%.


  • Adding weights to your ab routine is a great solution for building up your abdominal muscles. Increasing the intensity of your ab routine will allow your muscles to continually be challenged. Also, change up your ab routine every couple of days, this way your muscle will not get used to any one particular exercise.

    Good luck with you ab routine!


  • manish agarwal

    Dear sir/madam,
    Is cycling good for bulding abs

  • matt

    This is good basic advice but the training exercises (like many on the website) start talking about machines somewhat out of the blue!

    Maybe you could begin by mentioning the machine used (or a brief description of the machine) or a free weight alternative. For people not too familiar with gym equipment this would be most beneficial.


  • Protein is what you want. If it is in a bar or shake form, it’s whats necessary for results. While working out, your body rips the tissue in your that is being used.

    The body will naturally repair the tissue but the protein gives it a boost. It is best to intake protein during your workout or within 20minutes of finishing.

    But if you also eat unhealthy food, such as chips and fast food, you are putting yourself back to square one making the use of working out and in taking protein useless.