Broccoli: For Health

Broccoli as it caries the misconception of most dreaded vegetables for a child on the dinner plate, however, it can be served in various ways too. It could be eaten as salad and mix with fruits and blend as fruit salad. You can make very tasty boil out of this as well. You can eat it in any way as per your like. This is only the vegetable which provides multiple faces of your health problem. It has amazingly cure or preventive remedy for all those who are into health ailments.

It has tremendous health benefit. If you have high Blood Pressure you must eat it as every day meal. This is the best trick to reduce the attack of cancer, cataracts and common cold. You can reduce osteoporosis, blood cholesterol levels and to combat all breast cancer as well.

It is very rich in calcium and high iron; one should increase the intake if suffering from deficiency of either of these two. Folic acid is high in broccoli and is good for tissue growth and is commonly used as supplement of birth control pills and even in the pregnancy.

Potassium content is high which helps to combat brittle bones. Additional to the above it is also said that broccoli can reduce disease called Alzheimer, diabetes, stomach colon cancer, malign tumor, lung cancer and it also acts as anti ageing agent.

It is also rich in vitamin A; eat plenty of yellow fruits and green vegetables to increase the vulnerability of eye problem. Not only this, it provides free radical and antioxidant.

The vegetable is not complicated to prepare, it is easy and available in the market. Though the price is not reasonable, it is not poor people’s vegetables.

Buy broccoli and buy your healthy health. serve your family a healthy vegetable.

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