Breathing Exercises

Caring for our children starts from the day that we conceive. We watch what we eat and try to take better care of ourselves. This also includes the way that we breathe. Learning a new way of breathing is not as difficult as it may sound.

When you breathe properly, your diaphragm massages your organs and muscles by moving up and down when you breathe. By breathing improperly, bad air will get left in your lungs and cut off the clean air flow to your placenta which supplies the baby with air.

This is very important to remember when you are exercising during your pregnancy. We tend to breathe wrong when working out. You need to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Even though most of us do not breathe this way, it is the proper way.

During your labor, controlling your breathing can help during the labor with the pain of contractions and helping you to concentrate. If you decide to attend a birthing class, they will teach you some of these breathing exercises that can help you during your labor and during the pregnancy.

To get started on breathing properly, you want to be comfortable and in a relaxed sitting position. Using a feather for measurement, hold it around six inches away from your mouth. While you let out your breath, the feather should stay upright but move just a little.

The next step should make the feather move a little more and the third step should move the feather away from you. The next step is to get in a relaxed sitting position and have your partner place his palms on your lower back, just below your waist. It does not matter if your partner sits in front of you or behind you and you can also lie on your side if it is more comfortable.

Your partner will able to feel if you are breathing correctly and let you know when you need to change the way you are breathing. This will help you and the baby during your pregnancy and your delivery.