Breakfast Foods During Victorian Era

breakfast foods during victorian eraThe Victorian era, one of the most cherished periods of British history has gained a lot of prominence in the history and culture of the United Kingdom. The period between June 1837 and January 1901 has been referred to as the Victorian era.

It was during this time that Queen Victoria ruled over Britain and was also considered to be an era of change and transformation in British history. And with subsequent changes in the field of history, literature, politics and other fields of life, there was also a change in the food habits of the common British citizen.

The Victorian breakfast was considered to be a full meal that comprised of different types of hearty meals including breads, meat dishes and hot drinks. It was during this time that the country was witnessing changes and the common man had to work hard for a living.

As a result, most people got a chance to have one big meal at the beginning of the day and often had to skip lunch. Hence, the food consumed during breakfast was considered to be very important. Even today, some people in modern England follow the traditional Victorian breakfast. If you too are interested in knowing more about the Victorian breakfast foods, read on to find out the details.

Breakfast Foods During Victorian Era


One of the foremost ingredient of a Victorian breakfast comprised breads. These were not only easy to avail it was also a cheaper option that offered a full meal. Hence, instead of opting for expensive items, most people preferred to have different types of homemade breads.

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People mostly preferred to have breads with butter or jams. Even marmalade was used by some. Apart from these, other baked items had also slowly entered the British market and many were resorting to readymade breads, toasts, muffins and biscuits. The muffins were often flavoured with authentic spices like cinnamon and found an ardent following for it. These almost formed the staple breakfast food for the Victorian people and they loved to have a full meal consisting of these items.

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Eggs and Meat

In order to make a full meal, it was essential to complement the breads with something that was nutritive as well as filling. Hence, the Victorian breakfast foods contained healthy servings of eggs and meat. While meat was extremely expensive during that time and was considered to be a luxury item, fit to be consumed by the wealthy and rich, eggs were more of a commoner’s choice.

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As a result, most Victorian homes relied on omelettes, scrambled eggs or simple egg poaches for their breakfast. Apart from these, people also tried boiled eggs with breads. These were often used for making delicious sandwiches with fillings of egg and butter. And those who were able to include meat in their breakfast mostly had hams and sausages. Pheasant pie and kippers were also preferred.

Tea or Coffee

The breakfast was completed with a sip of hot tea or coffee. The easy availability of grounded and pre-roasted coffee made this drink an affordable variety for the common man.

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Tea was quite expensive and was mainly consumed by wealthy upper class people.

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