Breakfast Cereals: Health Benefits

Healthy Breakfast Cereal

Ready to eat breakfast cereals are a boon today for those having a hectic work pace and a mad morning rush. And of course there are supermarket shelves loaded and overflowing with all kinds of breakfast cereals that come in various flavors, shape, colors and sizes.

Some of them are highly processed and heavily loaded with sugar and artificial colors. It’s important for us to choose the right breakfast cereal to fulfill the health needs of our family. Some of the key benefits of breakfast cereals are:

Wholesome fiber and nutrition: Most of these cereals are high in fiber and low in bad carbohydrates. This makes an ideal morning meal for each family member. And if anybody suffers from cholesterol or BP or blood sugar problems then the fiber in these cereals helps you take care of all the needs in a single meal.

Helps in weight loss: A good and healthy breakfast is the key to weight loss. The fiber and good nutrients in the cereals keep you full and energetic throughout the day, saving you from lethargy and unnecessary munching and nibbling during pre-lunch time. So cereals are certainly a great option to kick start your day!

A complete meal: The best thing about cereals is that you can toss in some extra goodness in them to make them a wholesome meal. You can mix in some seasonal fruits and your cereal will be loaded with extra fiber and nutrition. Also you can add some chopped nuts and healthy oil seed like flax seeds or sunflower seeds to derive the Omega 3 fatty acids advantage.

Tips to choose the right cereal: Readymade cereals are sparingly and easily available everywhere today. However, people pick wrong choices and end up having an unhealthy breakfast meal. It’s best to read the nutritional label on the cereal box. Avoid ones with added sugar. Go for wholegrain cereals. They have high fiber content and minimum fat.

Also, avoid the cereals that show ingredients which are chemical based, especially with lecithin or glutamic acid, that are added to increase the shelf life of the cereals. If possible opt for organic and natural wholegrain cereals that are free of any chemical agents. Choose your cereal box intelligently and make your breakfast meal a healthy one!

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