Bored Of Waiting To Reduce Weight?

You have been running around gyms but you don’t have patience to wait. It’s getting on your nerve. Cool guys, may be you didn’t try theses steps. After working them you will start to sweat within 20 minutes and burn fats. This is the beginning of gaining firm body. You will soon see more muscled body in just a few weeks. You will start to notice it by yourself. However, lets be clear here one thing, you got to have to watch your diet. 

See that you eat not just food but nutritious, vitamins, minerals and protein foods.

To make fastest building muscle the priority is to look at your exercise routine and find out if there is change you need to make. Recognize, there are three main muscles in your body. Consider them and do accordingly as per the needs.

Don’t just jump of making only about one muscle keeping other two muscles in shadow. You got to mix them. Twitch muscle is the fastest one that moves.

The fastest way to build muscle is to burn fat first. Initially start with moderate intensity exercise then once you have grip then move to more intense workouts. This will be easier to obtain your goal.

Moderate exercise is something like taking a brisk walk for half an hour or a swimming. Don’t focus only on loosing weight but eat good foods as well.

Go for weight training. It is a compulsory for workouts and once if you begin to lose fat it is easier to make firm body muscle. The fastest way to build muscle using weight training is to have a balanced diet. Continue with your work out schedule with regular good foods to keep you the flow of energy. Don’t be jack of all trades but master of none.


  • Isha

    actually my problem is i weigh 56 kgs….nd i wanna reduce my weight from my thighs nd hips specially from my thighs. I am lethargic i don’t wanna exercise nd work but want to reduce weight, give me tips on my daily diet what shud be my diet which is healthy and can help me reduce down my weight….

  • Mandeep

    I am working as an I.T professional and have no time in morning for exercise.
    My weight is 100 Kg. I am fat from both stomach and thighs. Help me with ways to loose weight in busy schedule.
    Thanks in advance

  • soumen das

    Actually my problem is that my hieght is 5.7″ inches and i weigh around 94 kgs . i workout 5 days a week at least 2 hrs a day but there is no such impressive results of it . plz help me with a perfect diet and an excercise chart to reduce my body fat quickly . I will b vry obliged.
    thank you

  • Noorul Hug

    Hi This Hug, Iam Working as a admin officer, Nw my weight is 100 kilo, i cannot do exercise. i am doing dieting exercise as my own.. i dont get any good result from that. so, kindly suggest the way for dieting..
    than you