Bony Shoulders – How To Add Mass To Bony Shoulders

Bony Shoulders

Bony Shoulders

Although a lot of pain and headache is associated with bony shoulders, there is a remedy for it. Mass accumulation and muscle building are the best possible solutions for this problem and it can be concealed with ease.

Weight Training

The best way to avoid the showcase of bony shoulders is weight training. So add this to your workout schedule right away. In order to get rid of the bony projections pouting out from the body, weight lifting is the best remedy for it.

Weight Training

If this is practiced regularly, then it will be a confidence boost to you and also gives good fit to your attire. Not to forget that it also increases your strength.

The program is different for skinny people. If the person is slim or thin, then there is a workout material specifically made for such people namely “Hardgainer” and it is advisable if the workout is scheduled thrice a week and is filled with compound exercises such as bent over rows, barbell curls, and bench press. Such exercises are best for accumulating mass at the shoulders as well as around the chest area and back muscles.

Increases Your Strength

Push ups

It is possible that one can come across a skeptism aura when he/she tries to find out the values of push-ups in the modern day. You can say that the push up exercise did not cross the cut off mark of the hottest trend when it is compared with powders, drugs, pills, and costly gym memberships. It is an upper body exercise and is not related to weight and heavy stuff. If you are a novice, then start with small numbers like 10 and make sure that, your last heave is your limit.


It would be best if they are performed thrice a week and increased every . You won’t even notice the time pass by and after some time you will find yourself doing the exercise in large numbers. Notice the change in your shoulders then.

Incline your feet so that you can put more effort on the shoulders, trapezius muscles and the upper chest. Make it a habit to perform push-ups regularly and you will see the difference in your shoulders right away.