Bitter melon


Bitter melon? Don’t get astonished. It’s a known and popular vegetable and you must be wondering why there is a big question mark about it? What is so big deal about it? To let you know the fact, this simple tendril fruit has many natural remedies for the health. Not many people know about this.

You will fine different shapes and sizes. It’s a pale green in colour, with gently undulating warty surface. This is a typical of India as a narrow shape with a pointed ends and its surface covered with jagged, triangular teeth and ridges. This is also famous in Southeast Asia too.

Did you know one thing that it is found in all the vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates? It is good for your health as well. Because of its bitter taste not many people prefer it. However, there are methods one can prepare. You can mix them with other vegetables or after chopping, mix them with table salt. This will decrease the level or degree of bitterness.

You can eat them by molding as Chinese or Indian food style. They are the typicality of Indian food. Many people make it as juice and drink. Different dishes prepared from bitter gourd are found every where in the country and seem to be the favorite cousin of the others.

The traditional way of preparing bitter gourd is to pill off the skin and cut into thin slices. Then it is salted and exposes to directly sunlight for few hours to reduce its bitterness. Different countries have different ways of preparations.

Besides eating, as a vegetable, this is good source of medicine. It is used as functioning of digestive system. It is helpful for those who are suffering from ulcer, dyspepsia and constipation.

Increase your consumption to get rid off from the health disorders. There is one more fact that the scientist have found. The specific compounds in bitter melon might be effective to treat HIV patients or infections. This may be a speculation but so far scientists have said it to be an essential component to cure or to minimize the infection.