Best Yoga Exercises For Back Problems

Yoga Exercises For Back Problems

Yoga Exercises For Back Problems

Back problems are increasing day-by-day due to inconsistent lifestyle and incorrect body postures. Both the factors lead to spasm and stiffness in the back area that causes great deal of discomfort and pain to the affected person.

Doing yoga exercises is one of the best ways to lessen or cure your back pain completely. At times, simple stretching exercise will solve all your back problems but this needs to be done along with simple postures known in yoga. Keep in mind that simple stretching should not be done so vigorously that it might cause any sought of injury to your spinal chord.

Best Yoga Exercises for Back Problems

Interweaving exercise which is flexible in nature must be done at a moderate rate. This particular exercise will provide a lot of steadiness to your spinal chord which in turn will make your back comfortable. You have to only rotate your back in anti-clockwise direction and vice-versa in a very mild manner. Practise this exercise for at least two to three minutes on a regular basis. This exercise not only relieves pain from your back but also makes it more flexible.

Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises are significant on innumerable counts for the reason that they develops and maintain the overall flexibility of human body. These exercises provide lot of benefits to the back as they allow the natural movement of the back with complete ease. Keep in mind that when you start stretching your back, you should not experience any sought of pain.

Standing Postures In Yoga

There are also several standing postures in yoga that provide ample support in soothing muscles of not only your back but also that of your legs. It doesn’t require you to stand for longer duration. These standing yogic postures relax muscles of your spinal chord. They can be done once on the left side and once on the right. On whichever side your back feels comfortable start exercising from that side only.

Standing Postures In Yoga

One such posture is chair posture that has been specifically designed to provide uniform stability to muscles of quadriceps. It is helpful in cases where you need to lift objects. Chair posture has the capacity to boost normal posture while lifting. It also aid in fortifying your spinal chord. With this posture, pain in the lower portion of the back can be easily mitigated. This posture must be performed for maximum of two minutes.

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Next posture is triangle posture. In this, you will have to move both your legs away from each other so that they appear like a triangle formation. Lay your hand on leg at a time when cramps refuse to go along. But here a person doing this exercise has to discover the flexibility point of the muscles on legs. Stretching of legs is decided on the basis of flexibility.

Triangle Posture

Try to be in the same posture for two to three minutes. Triangle posture is capable of moving forward a protuberance on a spinal disc on the backside internally, thereby thwarting the disc from compressing any particular nerve.

Savasana Yoga

Next posture in yoga that is useful in easing anxiety and back pain is savasana (corpse posture). The beauty of this posture is that a body is able to attain total relaxation physically and mentally.