Best sources of calcium

Calcium is a very important element that our body needs; calcium is the major supportive element is bones and teeth. Calcium salts make 70% of our bone weight and they give strength and rigidity to our bones. Milk, cheese, yogurt are the best sources of calcium for human body. A very good and natural source of calcium is cow’s milk, it contains calcium to phosphorus ration in 1.2:1 It is always advisable to use natural calcium and not synthetic in form of supplements.

Calcium is present in abundance in soybeans, green leafy vegetables like turnip greens, mustard greens, broccoli, and kale. Various roots and all plant seeds are the best sources of calcium. Sugar found in milk and all dairy products are rich source of calcium.

Calcium deficiency can lead to many problems like weakening of bones and teeth. So for people who are suffering from calcium deficiency should consume calcium supplements as natural calcium will not be sufficient for body to fulfill its calcium demands. Calcium can be consumed in the form of calcium carbonate, calcium gluconate, and calcium lactate. Using more than one supplement at the same time is good to treat calcium deficiency. Supplements of vitamin D must be taken so that better absorption of calcium takes place.

There are certain side effects of calcium supplements like constipation, abdominal bloating, and excessive gas formation in stomach. Supplements of calcium should not be use by people who are suffering from hyper thyroid and chronic kidney diseases. For an healthy adult an average dose of 1200 mg is recommended daily, such doses are safe and are not linked with any side effects.

Dairy products of all kind and milk are the major dietary sources of calcium. Although scientific research has not proven that calcium from dairy products is optimally absorbed by the human body. Good natural sources of mineral calcium are sardines and tofu from soybeans.