Health Benefits Of Sugarcane

Benefits Of Sugarcane

Benefits Of Sugarcane

Sugarcane is grown in over 200 countries and India is the second largest producer of sugar. Maximum sugarcane is produced in Brazil. Besides production of sugar it is used to produce Falernum –a tradition cocktail mix which is used in Caribbean countries.

There are many Benefits of sugarcane It is used in many form eat can be eaten raw or it can be consumed in form of juice also. Sugarcane is also used to make molasses rum. It is also used to produce ethanol for fuel. The end products of sugarcane, which are left after juice has been extracted from it is use as bagasse to produce electricity.

Benefits Of Sugarcane

Freshly execrated juice of sugarcane by hand or electric machines is very common in India and the juice is served with lemon and rock salt. There are various health benefits of sugarcane, like chewing raw sugarcane, gives strength to teeth and gums.

Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice can cure sore throat, and is great preventive for cold and flu. It has low glycemic index which keeps your body healthy. Its juice can be enjoyed by people who are suffering from diabetes as sugarcane juice does not contain any simple sugar. Due to alkaline nature of sugarcane it also helps to fight breast and prostate cancer.

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Health Benefits of Sugarcane

Sugarcaneis a very good replacement for aerated drinks like cola and pepsi.It gives strength to your body and keeps your body cool .It keeps your body hydrated during summers and prevents body from getting a heat stroke. As it is rich in carbohydrates it gives energy to the body, it can be used as an energy drink. Sugarcane also provides strength to heart, kidneys, eyes and brain. It helps in curing jaundice as it gives strength to liver which becomes weak during jaundice. It helps in keeping the urinary flow clear and also helps kidneys to perform their functions properly.

Prevent Heat Stroke


  • Mustapha Abdullahi

    Need journals/periodicals on how to manage and live with diabetes and ulcer.

  • The advantages mentioned are very good and informative. In our boy-hood in our village SINGANAHALLI in MADHUGIRI Taluk, we is to consume couple of bars of raw sugar-cane till we reach our High School at KODIGENAHALLI about 5 Kms away by walk through cultivating fields and similarly while coming back home in the evening. That is why even today at the age of around sixty years, our teeth are in sound condition. But the present generation especially in urban areas, donot have the practice of eating hard substances like sugar cane and other items like Nuts which gives good stimulation/activation to the GUMS to keep the Teeth in tact. and they are suffering with many varieties of teething problems which has lead to mushrooming of DENTAL COLLEGES which were not there to this extent about three decades ago.
    Coming to the subject back, it is necessary to make further deep studies for speedy implementation and practices to practically reap the benefits of the advantages mentioned by the masses to keep the many dieses away which are faced by the present man-kind on war-footing.
    Taking the help of Bio-Technologies and Medical experts, especially Ayurvedic will help further researches and the outcome will definetely help entire man-kind across the GLOBE.

  • jhay-r acebo

    yea we know that sugarcane are very common in our country just because it can make more benefits like sugar,by making rum,juices ,and etc. For me i learn only from my superior when i undergo my work as a crew in making sugarcane juices as part of that .i open my mind and eyes that i wonder to that product even didabetics could be enjoy to drink cane juices…being a crew to this product im doing what my superior said to me ….im shy to promo the product before because some of the costumers never believe for what im saying to them ,…..but i stand that, even i doubt ….but in other day im happy and i never felt a doubt because i already convince my self because of the high technology so i decided to open the computer to see and find what are the benefits of sugarcane… thank you for giving me an idea for the sugarcane …..we thanks God for giving us a very nice and beatiful nature that we used daily to help us ……once again thank you and more power ‘………

  • Tamil Selvan

    This article helped me to overcome the wrong notion that Sugar Cane juice is not good for diabetics. Even my doctor did not tell me that this is good. However, your article made it clear and I also checked from various other sources and have come to the conclusion about this. Thanks.


    Can you explain that diabetic patients can drink sugar cane juice or not if so why

  • Mona

    If We drink 2 glass of Sugarcane Juice Them our Weight will increasing a what?