Benefits Of Mint

Benefits Of Mint

Benefits Of Mint

Mint (Menta Spicatas-biological name) is an herb which is used in India, Europe and Middle East over many centuries. There are many health benefits of mint. Mint is green in colour and has wonderful aroma and very common taste. Mint is an excellent treatment for stomach disorders and stomach aches. Mint is available in many form, like medicines, powder, it is also mixed with tea.

Mint is very suitable for people who are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders. Mint slows down the effect of bacteria and fungus. Mint is also beneficial for people who are suffering from asthma and other allergies.

Helpfull For Asthma Patient

Mint helps in curing severe headaches, it gives quick relief from headaches. It is a very good medicine for those who suffer from migraines. People who include mint in their diet are less prone to catching infections. Mint also gives relief from colds and coughs; it helps in clearing congestion of lungs and bronchi. Mint oil is very good for people who are suffering from nausea. People who get uneasy while travelling must carry some fresh mint leaves, or they can carry balms which are bases on mint oil can be helpful.

Curing Headaches

Mint oil is also good for curing skin diseases like pimples; it acts as a good antiseptic. Mint juice is an excellent skin cleanser. Its anti pruritic properties can help in curing insect bites. There are several other benefits of mint like it is an excellent taste enhancer.InIndia people use it in different sauces to enhance taste. Mint has a very common flavor it is used in toothpastes, chewing gums, mouth fresheners, candies. Fresh mint leaves can be used in tea and coffee to add flavor.

Mint oil

Mint can have side effects if consumed in large quanties; therefore the intake of mint should be limited. During flu mint can be boiled with hot water can this mixture can be added with tea or coffee, but as soon as the flu is over the consumption should be reduced.


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