Benefits of Kegel Exercises


kegalexercise The Kegel exercise regimen was developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel. These exercises help strengthen the pubococcygeal muscles; these are also called Kegel muscles.

By toning and strengthening the muscles you can avoid problems associated with pelvic floor.

This exercise primarily helps elderly women control excretory functions and women after childbirth. Strong vaginal muscles also help make sexual intercourse enjoyable.

The following are some of the reasons why vaginal muscles may have weakened.

1.    Lack of exercise
2.    Having gone through a number of pregnancies
3.    Old age
4.    Obesity

Kegel exercise methods

1.    Make your vagina smaller by contracting and relaxing the muscles.  Repeat this exercise twenty to four hundred times daily; the actual number will vary based on your capacity.

2.    Alternately avoid using the muscles of stomach, back, legs and buttocks when you perform this exercise. Take slow and deep breaths. You know that you are doing the exercise correctly if this moves your abdominal muscles.

3.    Buy the gadgets available in the market to help exercise the correct muscles.

It is quite easy to perform these exercises at your convenience in any location. For example, you can perform these exercises while standing in line, watching television, walking, or lying on your back.

You should ensure that your vagina muscles remain strong by exercising them as early in life and regularly as possible. With age, these muscles are likely to become weak and as more time passes it becomes more challenging to strengthen them.

Why should you do it?

We take lots of effort to make our bodies look attractive externally by resorting to a number of exercises; by the same token, you should take action to improve your body internally. Doing this exercise correctly and regularly will give fantastic results.  However, it does take time to see results.

How to locate the correct muscle

The muscle that controls the release of urine is the correct muscle to exercise; this is known as the pubococcygeal muscle. You must not do Kegel exercise when you are passing urine. If you squeeze this muscle you should feel a tightening of your vagina; if you feel this, you are exercising the correct muscle.

What benefits are associated with Kegel exercises?

•    You can reach orgasm without any pain and in an enjoyable manner.

•    Orgasms will be better and stronger.

•    Delivery becomes easy; after childbirth the muscles return to their normal more quickly.

•    Your level of sexual and personal confidence will increase.
You must ensure that you follow the instructions carefully. If necessary, consult with a physician or expert in the initial stages to assure personal safety.


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    Kegel exercises are great! I used to have difficulty reaching orgasm. I now have multiple orgasms! Suck it!!!