Benefits Of Dates

Benefits Of Dates

Benefits Of Dates

Dates are valuable as medicine for their tonic effect. It is easily digested; they are very useful for supplying energy and repairing waste. Milk in which clean and fresh dates have been boiled is a very nourishing and restorative drink to children and adults alike, especially during convalescence. 

The nicotinic content in dates is an excellent remedy for intestinal disturbances. Liberal use of dates keeps in check the growth of pathological organisms and helps to establish a colony of friendly bacteria in the intestines.

Health Benefits Of Dates

The date is a laxative food. It is highly beneficial in the treatment of constipation as the roughage provided by it stimulates sluggish bowels. They should be immersed in water at night and taken after making them into fine syrup the next morning to secure laxative effect.

Dates Immersed in Water at Night

Dates are also an excellent remedy for alcoholic intoxication. In such cases, drinking water in which fresh dates have been rubbed or soaked will bring quick relief. Besides, dates are an effective remedy for weak heart. Dates soaked overnight in water and crushed in the same water in the morning after removing the seeds should be taken at least twice a week in this condition. It will strengthen the heart.

Drinking Water With Dates

Sexual weakness can also benefits from dates. A handful of dates soaked in fresh goat’s milk overnight should be ground in the same milk in the morning. A pinch of cardamom powder and honey should be mixed in this preparation. This becomes a very useful tonic for improving sex stamina and sterility due to functional disorders.

Sexual weakness Improve

Experiments have also shown that dates contain some stimulants that strengthen the muscles of the uterus in the last months of pregnancy. This helps the dilation of the uterus at the time of delivery on one hand and reduces the bleeding after delivery on the other.

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What are the Benefits of Dates

Dieticians consider dates as the best food for women in confinement and those who are breast-feeding. This is because dates contain elements that assist in alleviating depression in mothers and enriching the breast-milk with all the elements needed to make the child healthy and resistant to disease.

However, as a precaution, dates require great care for selection. The sticky surface of the date attracts dust and impurities of the air to settle there. It is, therefore, advisable to purchase the best varieties in good packing condition and to wash them thoroughly before use.


  • can a diabetic person has no problem in eating dates fruits regularly???

  • pat graves

    How do you crush dates for cooking

  • What is the best form of date to be eaten by a Type 2 diabetic.

  • Reema

    Dates are hit for body ???

  • Edith stanley

    As a body size 16, 26yrs old nigerian young woman,how do i use date to maintain and reduce my body to at least a size 12 ?

  • Girish Chodankar

    can diebetic patients eat dates ?

  • rosey

    dates are considered not suitable for diabetics as it contains high levels o sucrose, fructose.

  • Is it recommended for someone with acid reflux to eat dates regularly?

  • In a general response to the above:
    I would think for people with diabetes, dates is not recommended because of the intense sweetness. I would say check with your doctor. I sense all these dried fruits, like figs as well, have concentrated sweet in them which makes the sweetness more intense.

    Another thought I have is: everything in moderation. Not to rely on one thing heavily.

    What comes to mind is maybe 3-pieces of dates maybe enough.

    I am exploring the benefits because someone mentioned it to me about dates. I am going to go to other websites to see what they say.

    Good luck and all the best.

  • sudha

    i am on a diet program. can i have dates? if yes how many a day?

  • horny guy

    Dont worry guys, enjoy dates even if you are diabetic. Just drink fenugreek (methi) seeds water which are soked in hot water overnight. Any fruit sugar increases ur sugar level but for short time in an hour it reduces as it is natural sweetness.. i eat lots of dates and when my gf’s hubby is going to business trip i eat more, infact for 4 days continus i boil 8 dates in milk and keep it overnight and then mix that milk with banana and grind them and make a milkshake with a tea spoon of honey… my performance increases so much that she goes wild and from last 5 yrs she does not let me go away from her.. but one important thing dont mastrubate when u eat dates .. try with a women and see how she enjoys…you will be a roman king for her that night..enjoy

  • justina

    how can i use date fruit in weight loss?

  • Kabir Ali

    I have been incorporating dates into my diet for a significant amount of time now. I used to have issues with certain minor sexual hurdles. Dates actually rock. Basically.

  • sam

    Hey @horny guy.

    I read your form andam realy interested to know more about it.
    so do we have to eat dates with warm milk everyday or is it for some time period.
    Acutally i want to increase my sex drive i mean to say to stay for long in bed with my girlfirend because sometimesi lack in it .

    so kindly update me .would really appreciate .


  • Mohamed

    A handful of dates,when soaked in fresh goat’s milk for the night and then grinded in the same milk with the mixture of cardamom powder and honey,becomes a very useful tonic for increasing sex endurance.

  • rafi

    hey, guys what if dates are taken with water does it really work in increasing the sex power. please update

  • Ufuoma

    Does Date fruit help in fertility

  • roopa

    dates will reduce the weight or not