Benefits Of Custard Apple

Benefits Of Custard Apple

Benefits Of Custard Apple

Custard Apple is a tropical fruit tree that grows easily. Its botanical name is ‘ANNONA SQUAMOSA’. It is very popular in India. As it has the taste of custard it is called ‘Custard Apple‘. The fruit has a peculiar aroma. It is very sweet in taste. The plant usually flowers between March and July. The fruits should be plucked before they are ripe and stored for ripening.

The custard apple plant is an evergreen shrub and reaches a maximum of 6 mts. The plant bears flowers in the mature branches and the fruits develop in the mature branches and are usually round. The flesh is white and creamy with a sugary taste. The seeds are black in colour with a shine. The seeds are not consumed as they are slightly poisonous.

Custard Apple Plant

The Custard Apple Tree is erect with a rounded spreading crown and trunk, and flowers not completely open. All parts of this plant, apart from its culinary uses, have great medicinal values and it has great benefits of custard apple on human health. The decoction made out the leaves of this plant serve as vermifuge. Paste of flesh of this plant or crushed leaves of the plant can be used for local application on ulcers, abscesses and boils. The root bark of the tree is used for relief from toothache.

Relief from Toothache

The seeds of the plant have insecticidal and abortifacient properties. The fruit of the plant, serves as an expectorant, stimulant, coolant, haematinic, and is useful in treating anemia. The decoction extracted from the root serve as febrifuge. The decoction of the bark of the plant could be used in the form of tonic for dysentery and diarrhea remedy. In case, if the condition is serious, the bark, the leaves and green fruits are boiled together in a litre of water for five minutes, and the decoction can be given to the patient.

Prevent vomiting

Custard apple promotes digestion and .The benefits of custard apple are that it can be used as a cure for vomiting, diarrhoea, dysentery and vertigo. The fruit is rich in minerals like iron, phosphorous, calcium and riboflavin.


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