Health Benefits Of Curd

Benefits Of Curd

Benefits Of Curd

Curd is the semi-solid result of fermenting milk. It remains white with a creamy consistency. Curd has zero carbs, zero sugars and zero trans fats. With 20% calcium for growing bones

It is a very good alternative for people who wish to avoid junk food. Curd has numerous health benefits like it is very helpful for heart ailments, for senile state in preventing and delaying degeneration of body, purifies blood, keeps digestive system healthy, has more Vitamin B Complex than milk. Curd serves as a very good medicine, it has an enzyme that keeps the body cool, and it is also a good healer.

Although curd has nutritive content similar to fresh milk, it has extensive special values for therapeutic purposes. During the process of making curd, bacteria convert milk into curd and predigest milk protein. These bacteria then inhibit the growth of hostile or illness-causing bacteria inside the intestinal tract and promote beneficial bacteria needed for digestion.


These friendly bacteria facilitate the absorption of minerals and aid in the synthesis of vitamins of B group. Buttermilk, which has same nutritive and curative value as curd, is prepared by churning curd and adding some water, removing the fat in the form of butter.

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Health Benefits Of Curd

Curd is one of the easiest remedies for treating dandruff. It is also good for skin; it imparts luster and softness to skin. Curd in combination with henna paste is a very good remedy for dandruff.

Treating Dandruff

Curd has number of benefits like; it is very helpful for people who are suffering from diarrhoea and dysentery, curd eaten which rice gives instant relief from diarrhoea and dysentery. It can stop nausea and vomiting tendency. Curd has high vitamin and calcium contents with protein. Milk is not suitable for all people especially people with asthma or allergies should refrain from milk, but they can take curd to get their calcium supply.

Relief From Diarrhoea


  • i hear people say that we sholud not eat curd at night is it true if yes what is the scientific reason behind it please let me know

  • rahul pastore

    this is a myth that curd should not be consumed at night.It should be only avoided in
    peak winters as it can result in common cold.

  • garima

    people say curd is bad if you have sore throat,cough,cold,tonsil. will you please tell me why the curd is bad in above conditions.

  • In those case one should never eat the curd but should sry curd on other people and should play curd-curd

  • It is my personal observation that constant use of curd seems increasing
    the triglycerides . One of my friend also had the same experience. Is there
    any relaitve component which is enhancing triglycerides. However, there
    is no scientific evidence to provide to proove this. May be due to body

  • gaurav

    Im consuming protein and creatine .i want to ask that does curd make any effect on muscles.

  • Curd is superb!!!It also tastes good .Anyway, one should not mix sugar to fresh curd as it adds fat to curd.

  • philosopher

    it is common practice in India to eat sweet curd before going for an exam. I think this custom might have to do something with increased mental focus during the test,

  • harkanwal

    i am 18-year old. i eat 3-4 bowls of curd everyday in morning at 9-10am. is it bad. is my LDL cholestrol level increase. what i do-reduce curd or doing exercise. if exercise then which exercise.

  • harkanwal

    eating 3-4 bowls of curd. due to this is my LDL[bad] cholestrol level increase. include with previous question

  • nitesh

    if i eat curd everyday then my weight will increase
    please let me know?

  • adi

    i will not eat curd i dont like smell but iwant to eat it how pls say tips

  • grishma

    I don’t like the smell of curd but some times I eat it!!

  • sam

    curd is best for the bodybuilders. it is high in protean.

  • TEJA