Back and Leg Pain – A Guide To Take Care


Sciatica is a medical term for Back and Leg pain which you might be experiencing from the hip and buttocks area which continues way down to your leg.

It is a condition which is often times accompanied with lower back pain, what causes it is the sciatica nerve which travels from your lower back all through your buttocks down to your legs.

However, one of the major causes of back pain is muscle inequity which might cause trauma to your body’s central part. Falling from steep stairs or simply falling to the floor, sitting for a longer period of time during long travels or in traffic jams; these are just of the few examples which may cause back and leg pain.

These conditions however, you desire not to experience it may still happen especially if you are already of age. The best solution that you can do is by solving either one of such two conditions that you often experience.

Furthermore, if you’ve been sitting for several hours now, the best and practical thing for you to do is have some stretching. Stretching opens your muscles for rolling workouts, Self Myo-fascia release commonly known as SMR uses a foam roller in doing such exercise. By doing such exercise it fixes your muscle’s imbalances which occurred while doing a strenuous activity or via a traumatic experience you might have experience in the past.

However, it would be best for you to seek help from a professional or licensed physical therapist to fix and analyze your muscle imbalance. That is also to prevent harm or injury that you may inflict upon yourself in doing such exercises. Nevertheless, here is a quick and effective self test that you may apply and help you relieve your back and leg pain, by performing a neurological release by your own.

While at a sitting position, grab your legs above your knee right above your knee joint. Push you’re your mid and index fingers into your outside muscles, by doing this you should be able to feel your IT band. By doing this, your thumb would be at your medial-us’ knee.

Then push your fingers into the surrounding area of your muscle, and when you feel the sore spot area press on it tightly. Slowly stretch your legs and you’ll feel your muscle contracting. Once you feel such twitch in your muscle it means that you were able to release the tight muscle that was causing imbalance in the joint of your knees.

But as mentioned earlier, if you are already experiencing extreme back and leg pain it would be best to ask the help of physical therapist or ask your doctor for the best advice.