Aphrodisiac Foods

Aphrodisiac Foods

If you want to feel hot and impress your partner, then you should be thinking of an aphrodisiac. The term comes from Greek and it means sensuality, meaning that the role of an aphrodisiac is to give more pleasure during sex. The following ideas will certainly increase your pleasure:

(Whipped Cream)

Whipped cream does increase your desire because it tastes sweet and you can apply cream on all the naughty places you have wished for. This will certainly get you hot.

Whipped Cream


Dark chocolate can spice up things in bed. It can be served melted or not, with coating or simple. It also give a spontaneous energy boost, with women getting to produce more endorphins after eating chocolate.



Oysters are said to resemble the feminine organ, so some men might find them visually appealing. They also have a high content of zinc, to increase the sexual potency in bed.



Celery contains androsterone, which is a male hormone whose purpose is to arouse a woman’s appetite. Celery has been used in the past by the Romans for aphrodisiac purposes.



Peaches are plump, mouth-watering and juicy. They contain a lot of vitamin A which makes the skin healthy, smooth and touchable. Therefore, if the skin is smooth, you can begin making out!



Bananas are good aphrodisiacs not only because of their phallic shape. The fruit contains the hormone bromelain, which increases the man’s libido.



If you consume shrimps or prawns in bed, it will increase your staying power. The sperm level is increased by the shrimp and you will surely be getting powerful orgasm. The fillet mignon, is rich in proteins and it helps to increase the alertness and assertiveness as well.



The component in ginseng with miraculous effects is called ginsenoside. It increases the energy, vitality as well as the sexual enjoyment that you have. The energy drinks with ginseng are definitely a plus in bed.



Eggs symbolize fertility and caviar contains more than forty vitamins as well as minerals for the body to produce the amount of energy you need. Therefore, a hot night with caviar will definitely mean something.


(Red Wine)

Nothing can go wrong if you serve red wine. It is good for the heart, because it contains an active ingredient called resveratrol, which increases the estrogen production. Your sexual appetite will be increased and the fun can start over.

Red Wine