Antioxidant Vitamins: The Secret to Age Reversal


AntiAgingdiet People are now conscious with how they look, especially women, who are entering the period of forties and fifties. This is a concern common to middle-aged women. 

As there is a proliferation of anti-aging and reverse aging products, there is a need to know what we should do to reverse the aging process, by understanding what causes it and what can prevent or slow down the aging process.

The root cause of cell death, aging and cancer, attribute to the presence of free radicals. These free radicals cause damage to the skin cells. The good thing is that there are anti-oxidant components, like vitamins and helpful minerals, that stabilizes the harmful free radicals and thus, make them harmless.  This is the process of scavenging and the vitamins and the minerals that destroy the radicals are scavengers.

After knowing the benefits of antioxidant vitamins as well as minerals, it is always advisable to include them in your diet, to reverse the damages of the harmful free radicals to your skin.

Let me present to you the most common and effective anti-oxidant vitamins and minerals. These are vitamins A and E. Vitamin A is beneficial in improving eyesight and the quality of the skin.

Retinoid, the derivative of this vitamin, is a very important and beneficial ingredient of many skin care products. Vitamin A is able to reverse the aging process because of its powerful antioxidants, responsible for regulating the growth of cells in the skin.

This prevents the development of cancer, decreases inflammation and improves the skin’s immunity level. The recommended dosage per day is 2500 IU.

Similar to Vitamin A, Vitamin E is also powerful, because it prevents the damage to cell membrane, due to the presence of free radicals. This vitamin is obtained from nuts, vegetable oils, whole grains, fish, peanut butter and green leafy vegetables. Vitamin E intake per day should be 400 IU.

Aging is something that nobody can escape from, but with the wonders of anti-oxidants, you can reverse and slow down aging process.  Start changing your diet and include Vitamins A and E to obtain a younger looking skin.