Antenatal exercises


antental Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s body undergoes multiple changes. The body gets heavier and larger as the baby grows. This puts strain on the body, the muscles, and joints that have to accommodate the excess weight.

The centre of gravity of the body shifts with the changing dimensions and weight gain. With so much going on, it is important for a woman to ensure that she does light exercises and learns to use her arms and legs appropriately so as not to strain the muscles and joints.


It is important to spread the body weight equally on both legs to avoid fatigue on any one leg. This is essential since it could lead to cramping otherwise.

Another tip is to stand straight and not slouch. If your job entails standing, it makes sense to wear flat comfortable footwear, place the weight on one foot for a little time, and then shift the weight to the other foot. Alternatively doing this helps in improving circulation to the legs.


A tip to sitting down will be to sit with the legs slightly apart and place a cushion at the arch of your back to prevent backache. It is imperative to push up and pull down from a seated position or while sitting down using your leg muscles.

Instead of simply using your hips to plunk down, use your leg muscles.

Do not bend your back. Instead, bend your knees and hips to reach for objects that have fallen down. Use your leg muscles to straighten up. This avoids putting any undue pressure on the back.

Reaching for things

Inhale, take a deep breath, and reach up for articles while standing on your toes. Pull down the object, stand back on your heels, and breathe out

Breathing exercises

These are helpful at the time of delivery. Breath control will help handle the pain during labor. Lie flat on the floor and breathe in deeply. Hold it in for a few seconds and then exhale completely. Repeat this 5 times. It is important to relax the muscles and do it in a steady slow manner to derive the benefits.