Ankle Strain

An ankle sprain is the most common injury to the ankle and the long term consequences of an ankle sprain is a common cause of chronic ankle pain. The ankle is a “hinged” joint capable of moving the foot in two primary directions: away from the body and toward the body. A sprain is stretching or tearing of ligaments when you either sprain a ligament or strain a muscle. The most common is an inversion sprain or lateral ligament sprain where the ankle turns under so the sole of the foot faces inwards, damaging the ligaments on the outside of the ankle. Some of the symptoms of ankle strain are mentioned below:
Ankle pain
Rashes on ankle
Feeling of cold on the effected area
Weakness of effected area
Ankle numbness
Acute fever
Ankle joint contractures
Ankle clones
Ankle stiffness
Ankle blisters
Inability to bear weight
Feeling of pain during the change of weather
Rubbing cause pain
Repeated pain

Categories of Ankle Pain- There are three categories associated with ankle pain.

First degree pain-Some stretching or normal tearing of lateral ankle ligaments are associated with it. It feels little or no joint stability. Mild pain attached with it. There may be mild swelling around the bone on the outside of the ankle. Patient may feel joint stiffness and difficulty in walking or running.

Second degree pain– Moderate feeling of tearing of the ligament. Some people feel instability of joint. Patient feels difficulty in walking or running. Swelling and stiffness appears in the ankle joint area.

Third degree pain– Total rupture of ligament is felt. Joint also feel instable. Foot receives severe pain that is followed by no pain. The affected area swallowed very badly.

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