Algae Extract

Algae extract that is derived from the sea plants is found to be very rich in minerals that nurtures, softens, smoothens the skin by helping in retaining moisture.

The extract comprises of the weed present in sea and pond scum. It is proven fact that it is very beneficial for the skin. It has firming and anti-irritant properties, highly suitable for aging skin as well as skin infections. It acts by diminishing the activity of collagens and other proteolytic enzymes, which aids the skin in retaining its pliability and younger looking effect. Algae Extract also consists of polysaccharide sugars. It plays the key role in promoting the retention of moisture in the skin.  There are various kinds of polysaccharides that are present in Algae extract such as alginates, fucoidanes, polyphenols, fucostero etc. Alginates are compounds responsible for moisture retention and elasticity of the skin.  Fucoidanes are sulfated polysaccharides that encourage circulation.  Polyphenols have anti septic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.  Fucosterol functions as a tremendous emollient, moisturizer, blood stimulant and diuretic

The excellence exhibited by the algae extract is due to its water-binding properties.  It aids other moisturizing factors such as smoothens the horny layer and makes it lithe. The extract also contains some essential trace elements and vital nutrients good for skin such as Copper, Silicon Iron, Zinc, and Magnesium etc that plays a major role in the metabolic processes of the skin. It also contains amino acids, which is an important part of human blood plasma and helps its absorption in the skin thoroughly as compared to other ingredients.

Algae extracted from seaweed are a natural moisturizer. These are very effective in preventing wrinkles of skin. This extract can be added to salt baths to aggravate detoxifying effect Algae from marine extract are extensively used in skin and hair care products for protection against dryness.

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