Aerobic Dance Exercise

Aerobic Dance Exercise

If you are bored of typical styles of workouts and want some change in your exercise, you have an option of trying the Dance exercise.It is also one of the types of aerobics and sounds interesting to most people as it does not require extensive movement of limbs at a very fast rate. The exercises are easy to carry out even for older people and pregnant ladies.

You can start Aerobic dance exercise by choosing an upbeat music. All you have to do is to follow the beat and speed variations of the music. Aerobic dance may range from high intensity to low and from water dance to step aerobics. High intensity requires fast movements while the low intensity ones do not stress your body very much. You can do step aerobics with the help of a platform or a step. On the other hand, water aerobics are carried out in deep waters or in a swimming pool.

You can then modify the aerobic dance exercise. For example, you can ensure fast absorption of oxygen by increasing your breathing speed during the exercise. It will make your lungs work faster and burn your calories. It is suggested to add aerobics to your routine exercise schedule twice or thrice a week for an average of 30 minutes.

Warm up:
Contrary to the general view, Aerobics also requires some warming up, like any other form of exercise. You should not take this lightly and have to prepare your body in advance for the movements of your limbs. Without having the warm up session of at least 15 minutes, it is simply ridiculous to start the aerobic dance exercise straight away. It can cause the cramping of your body. Similarly, at the end of a dance session, you have to bring the muscles back to their original position.


Aerobic exercises are considered to be the prime source of loss of extra fats and burning of calories. They require you to exert pressure on your muscles, thus making them work harder than usual. This raises your heartbeat and pushes oxygen into each and every corner of your body. If you are a heart patient, you must try lower intensity Aerobics dance so as to ensure the smooth flow of blood, thus reducing the blood pressure.