Advantages of Green Barley Products


barley What is Green Barley?

Green barley is a highly nutritious plant, which is enriched with a variety of minerals. Chlorophyll, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals are just some of the goodness that these plants possess.

They also have beta-carotene, which is a source of Vitamin A and this is the most effective way to obtain it because the conversion rate of beta-carotene to Vitamin A is much higher in green vegetables than in orange vegetables.

However, all of this depends on where and how green barley has been cultivated. If the soil were not of a good quality, then there would not be as many nutrients in the plant.

There have been many studies that have been conducted on the benefits and advantages of using green barley and other cereal grasses like alfalfa and wheat grass.

These studies have revealed that peptic ulcers can be treated effectively with green barley while it also helps to reduce serum cholesterol. Some even say that green barley has cancer preventing and cancer inhibiting properties.

Chlorophyll, which is an active ingredient in green barley, is great for wounds and tissue repair as it helps to reduce inflammation. Chlorophyll is like the plant equivalent of hemoglobin as they both have the same structure. Those who experience problems with their bowels are also advised to ingest chlorophyll.

Before Purchasing Green Barley

However, you should always be careful when purchasing green barley because the nutrient content depends on how it is processed and grown. Find out if it has additives, preservatives or sugars, and also whether it has insoluble and soluble fiber.

Also, inquire about how it is grown and processed, for this is what will eventually determine is nutrient content. Elements of the manufacturing process like what other plants grow beside it, and whether it received a lot of heat and friction during the process will determine its value.

There are also some green barley products that claim to be 100% juice, when in fact they have cooked rice included in order to add to the fiber content, and they also sometimes have preservatives added.

Of course, as with any other supplement, one must always consult their physician before taking it because it could have an adverse reaction to those who are allergic.

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