Advantages of Cycling

Advantages of Cycling

Advantages of Cycling

One of the best ways to enjoy yourself in the summer is to go cycling. Cycling has several advantages to it, besides being exciting and enjoyable. It helps your body to utilise oxygen more effectively, it increases the strength as well as power in your legs and, most importantly, it even helps to reduce the fat percentage of your body.

Therefore, if you have decided to clean that bike of yours for this summer, then before you go cycling, remember these few things in order to get the most out of your training.

Maintain Variety In Your Workouts

A certain workout may work great for your body. However, your body tends to get used to something that you expose it to repeatedly. The same is true with workouts. If you keep to the same cycling routine everyday, then your body will no more be challenged and hence, it will do you no good in terms of strengthening your muscles or losing fat.

Cycling Routine Everyday

You can include either two or a single tempo session, in which you have to ride steadily at quite a high intensity for a minimum of 20 minutes. Going through these sessions, your body will become lactic acid tolerant. As a result, it will not get fatigued when you push harder.

You should also include at least one session in a week to a workout that will last longer, so that your cardiovascular endurance is built. In this session, you have to ride continuously for 45 to 60 minutes, but at your comfortable pace.

Sprint Training

Addition of some sprint training is also good. You can go for half a minute or a minute at an extremely hard pace and then rest. Repeat it 6-12 times.

Get Enough Rest

If you do not allow your body to recover then you will not the get the results you want and you might even risk an injury. As a result, rest is just as vital a component of training, as is any other exercise.

Get Enough Rest

You Can Include Strength Training

Strength training will help to perform well by helping you to work at high intensities and even helping you stay away from injuries. You can even correct some muscular imbalances if you have them.

Strength Training

You can do the hamstring curls, squats, bench presses, dead lifts, military presses and even some ab exercises.

Include Hill Workouts

This will make your quads stronger and also enhance your body’s oxygen utilisation. However, you should make a gradual start.

Include Hill Workouts

Remember To Take Proper Nutrition

If you do not proper nutrition then you will not be able to make most of your training. You should take a balanced diet comprising of carbohydrates, proteins as well as fats.

Proper Nutrition

You can have carbohydrates before you go for a long duration cycling session, especially if you are going for sprints. You should also keep yourself well hydrated so that you do not become dizzy or fatigued.


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  • steve

    comparing stats from the national height measurements, that you will grow approx 7-10 cm when your 14, 4-7 cm when your the age 15, and approx 3-5cm when your 16, research shows that untill you officially reach the age of 18 your body will grow at a constant rate of 2-4 cm after the age of 16, so yes you will grow but maybe not upto 183cm,to be precise around 3-5 cm, where you might possibly reach the height of 179-181 cm. (: