Add Supplements To Your Body Building Lifestyle

Add Supplements To Your Body Building Lifestyle

Add Supplements To Your Body Building Lifestyle

Many body builders incorporate supplements in their nutritional plan.  The supplements are taken to build lean muscle mass and increase energy levels.  Building muscles is not a quick and easy process. So why not help your body by taking body building supplements?

To get a big muscular body you have to work out harder and much more frequently than the average person.  In addition, hard workouts require you need to have a nutritious diet that includes fruits, vegetables and protein rich foods. Protein is the primary component in building muscles. To make sure you get enough protein, you can take protein supplements. They are available as protein bars, protein shakes and pills.

Protein Rich Foods

One common form of protein supplement is whey. Whey is made up of fat, lactose and protein which are all essential nutrients for building muscles. Whey protein is made up of peptides such as lactoferrin and lactoperoxidases. It also includes bovine serum, albumin immunoglobulins and glycomacropeptides.  These peptides promote a healthy immune system.

Protein supplement

Another widely used body building supplement is the amino acid glutamine. Glutamine is necessary to the body because it repairs torn muscles. Your muscles naturally produce glutamine but as you work out, you deplete your body’s levels. By taking a glutamine supplement, you can quickly provide the necessary amino acid to your muscles. In return, your muscles will look pumped and strong. Glutamine also strengthens the immune system. Take glutamine on an empty stomach with lots of water.

Body Building Supplement

Creatine is another common body building supplements. Creatine is a natural product that works similar to the chemical anabolic steroids in regards to building muscle.  Creatine keeps the muscles hydrated. When your muscles are hydrated they are able to grow and stretch therefore giving you a pumped up look. Creatine powder can be added to your favorite protein shakes.


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L-arginine is another naturally occurring amino acid that is taken by body builders. It is found in foods such as seeds, nuts and chocolate but is taken by body builders as a supplement.

L-arginine keeps the muscles hydrated without retaining water and bloating the body. Arginine helps the body keep nitrogen in its system to enable the muscles to build. Arginine works like creatine and glutamine strengthens the immune system.


You’ve heard all of these wonderful things about the above amino acids but don’t be too quick to take them without knowing their side effects. They may cause you to feel sick to your stomach or weak. If you do decide to take any of the above supplements, slowly introduce them to your body in low doses.


  • varun bansal

    i am a beginner to body building but i have weak digetive system my body dont have enough power to work out which supplement will suit me the most. or i should not take any supplements