Abs Diet

Abs diet is nutritional diet that helps to change lifestyle of man who workout. The diet recommends six small meals spread throughout the day. Each major meal as breakfast, lunch, dinner should contain at least three of the Power Foods and snacks should be come once in power food.
For many years most athletes, fitness models, and bodybuilders have applied the same basic fundamentals to their diet. Eating low protein, eating 5-6 times per day, building muscles and aim to eat whole unrefined crabs came under this diet routine

The Abs diet contains a 7 day meal plan and this meal plan is made up of 12 ‘power foods’, along with recipes. One meal per week is designated as a ‘cheat’ meal – where you eat anything you want. This diet program advises avoiding foods like fatty meats, processed or refined crabs, and high-sugar foods.

List of power foods:
• Almond (silvered or whole) and other nuts
• Olive oil
• Eggs (boiled)
• Chicken breast, fish and lean meat
• Dairy products (low fat milk and vanilla yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese)
• Spinach and other green vegetables (seasonal)
• Fruits (seasonal) and raspberries
• Protein powder(whey)
• Turkey (sliced)
• Lean fish
• Oatmeal (unsweetened and unflavored)
• Peanut butter (natural and sugar free)

As the addition of power foods we need to avoid some food. Here is the list of some avoidable foods as listed in abs diet.
• Butter
• Soda
• Foods rich in sugar or sugar beverages
• Junk food such as pizza, burger, French fries and chicken wings
• Foods rich in sodium
• Greasy foods
• Soda
• Vegetable oil(hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated)
Abs diet is simply a basic guide to strength training, good nutrition, and exercise. It provides good sensible nutritional advice, and, if followed correctly would result in weight loss and improved overall conditioning.

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