A Powerful Way to Build Muscle


waybuildmuscles Are you getting the muscle gains that you want?  Are you using supplements to no avail?

You can skip the majority of the supplements and may just stick to whey protein and creatinine.   The reason you are not gaining muscle mass is either the way you exercise, your diet or inadequate rest.

Include compound exercises in your workout.  They work multiple joints and muscles at the same time.  They are the best way to build muscle.  The big three of these exercises are squats, bench press and deadlifts.

Using more muscle groups uses more muscle fibers.  You will gain muscle faster with compound exercises than isolation exercises.  Most people use some of both in their routine.

The deadlift and squats are really good exercises for building muscle mass. Deadlifts and squats each work out 75 percent of your body’s muscle at one time.

These exercises work out your core muscles, back, chest, arms, legs, and calves.   With too much rest however your body begins to lose metabolic activity.

Working larger muscle groups forces the body to release more human growth hormone.  These exercises are especially good for hard gainers.  Doing these exercises will give you more muscle strength as compared to other exercises.

It is so important to rest between your workouts.  With too much rest however your body begins to lose anabolic effects and lactic acid build up.  Some people use stop watches to time their rest periods during their workout.  Overall you need to get at least 24 hours of rest between workouts.

Timing your rest between exercises means the higher the number of reps you do the shorter your rest period will be.  The higher the weight and fewer reps, the longer your rest period.

Are you eating the right diet?  If you are not fueling your muscles they will not grow.  Your diet should be rich in lean proteins, carbohydrates and monsaturated fats.

You need a surplus of calories to gain muscle.  Remember you need the right diet, the workout and proper amount of rest to get results.  These are just a few tips to gaining the muscular body you desire.