A Diet to Boost Your Immune System

immune system diet

Immune systems of our body comprises of tissues, cells and organs, protecting us from infections and diseases. When you have your immune system boosted up, it can resist infection, so that you don’t catch diseases easily, be it cancer or cold.

The following nutrients and vitamins can help build robust immune system.

Ensure your diet contains fatty-acids of Omega3 because they can take care of immune system by increasing functions of White Blood-Cells, Phagocyte. These Phagocytes destroy bacteria in our body. They not only kill these unfriendly bacteria, but also regulate atypical heart-beat according to a recent research.

Supplements like Cod Liver Fish Oil, or tablets can be taken, but natural fatty fish if consumed at least twice a week, is more beneficial. Lake-Trout, Herring, Salmon, Albacore-Tuna are the fish varieties containing Omega3 fatty-acids. Among all others, Vitamin-C is found to be very good for boosting your immune system. When your daily diet has at least 200 mg of Vitamin-C, you will be benefited most. Eat minimum of 6 portions of vegetables and fruits. Fruits containing Vitamin-C include Guava (medium size has 165 mg), a cup of Papaya has 87 mg. a cup of Strawberries has 84 mg. Kiwi, medium size has 74 mg. a cup of Cantaloupe has 68 mg.

Bioflavonoid is a significant help for immune system to kill pollutants from the environment. To get maximum supply of Bioflavonoid, use Broccoli, Green Pepper, and any other leafy vegetable. In fact there is no limit on recommended quantity, since any amount of Bioflavonoid food only helps you to boost the strength of immune system in the body.  Bioflavonoid is also known to ward off heart ailments.

A diet to boost immune systems is simple and you can create a dietary plan for the week, like on the alternate days of the week, you can consume fish – Monday may be reserved for Salmon, Wednesday for Trout, while Tuna may be included in Friday’s lunch. Through this method, you can get more than the required amounts of Omega3 fatty-acids. Adopt similar method for the vegetables and fruits, which will help to keep your immune system in perfect order.

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