7 Ways to Control Your Cravings


carving Everyone craves something at some point in their lives; which can make life quite miserable for those seeking to lose weight. Here are seven successful ways to easily control your cravings.

Squeeze the Triggers

First and foremost, you must identify and delete the things that trigger your cravings. According to Dr. Marcia Pelchat, PhD, people crave what they eat and if they make a change of the foods they eat, they can eliminate old cravings by substituting them for better ones.

It can be something as simple as replacing soda with water, when thirsty. The object is to get your taste buds to change their desires.

Be not Tempted

Secondly, you want to rid yourself of temptations. try to tackle your temptations for food

Snacks not Snickers

When the cravings are really tempting you, always have some snacks nearby. When you hear snacks, your mind should be as far away from a Snickers bar as possible. Your definition of snacks should now be walnuts, peanuts, and almonds.

No More Stress

It has been well documented that stress is a killer; therefore, it is pertinent that you develop a method for controlling stress. The best way to deal with stress is to deal with the triggers of stress. Whenever you deal with stress, go take a nap because you probably deserve one.

Fresh Breath

Brushing your teeth as often as possible removes previous taste buds and keeps a very refreshing feeling in your mouth as you go about your everyday business.

Cravings and Hunger Pains

Know the differences between a craving and hunger pains. Cravings are usually characterized by vision of things that you know are harmful while hunger pangs come when you have seriously missed eating for a long period of time.

Reward Yourself

Finally, you’ve probably earned some indulgence time so feel free to reward yourself with a little peaches and cream once in awhile, just be careful not to relapse into old habits. The important thing to remember is that the more you indulge the harder you must work to burn those calories off.