5 Must Follow Safety Precautions For The Ab Workouts

ab workout safety

ab workout safety Every body wants perfect abs. Having a well tamed six pack is something that everybody is looking for these days. Perfect abs means the right shape of external and internal body muscles.

It is must to do exercises of abdomen as that is the only natural way to make abdomen well shaped. Exercises like sit ups, leg rising and crunches are must if you need perfect abs. Working on the right muscles with right procedure is very important. You have to be sure that you don’t hurt a muscle in the wrong way.

It is very common fact that an abdomen exercise performed in a wrong way can hurt neck and back areas. You must not injure any part of your body while exercising because complete body fitness is essential to build a well toned figure. It is very important that you warm up your muscles before any exercise.

Even after the exercise session, you must relax your muscles for few minutes before engaging yourself to other activities. Make yourself comfortable while working out. Even a pinch of pain can mean that you are doing it in a wrong way. Safety is very important and the fact is that taking safety precautions are easy if you follow simple rules.

Work Out Without Over Doing It

The first important step is to know your body well. Different people have different amount of resistance. Amount of workout depends on how much your muscles can take or how soft or hard they are. If you are a beginner at it then the best option is to choose three to four sets of exercises for a single session. Try each set for less than twenty times as more than that can create pressure on your untrained muscles.

Many think that if they put strain on the abdomen muscles that means the workout is working properly. It is a complete misunderstanding. If you keep pushing yourself then the results can turn out to be exact opposite of what you want. As you will keep following the workout rules then soon you will understand your body limits. As you get the idea you can increase the number of repetitions per set of exercises. Abdominal workouts can really hurt your back if you don’t take right precautions for it. Abdomen workout three times a week should be enough for right results.

Protecting the Neck

Sit ups are important to build perfect abdomen muscles but sit ups can also hurt your neck. To save your neck from injury you should never put too much pressure on it. Continue your workout for short time periods and repeat it with significant number of gaps. While sitting down always complete the entire cycle.

ab workouts safety

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Stopping your body over your sitting level can stretch your spinal cord and that affects your neck. While standing up, it is very important that you do not completely stand. Put the entire pressure on your abdominal muscles and stand as much as it allows.

Put your hands on your chest while standing and stop when you feel pressure on your neck or head. The last few inches, while standing up, puts too much pressure on your neck and spinal cord. Remember, your main aim is to shape up the abdominal muscles, so concentrate on that only. Clutch your muscles while sitting up and down. That will surely help you in getting the right procedure.

Protecting the Lower Back

While doing push ups or leg lifts, it is important that you ensure extra care for your lower back. While doing abdomen workouts, most of the times the lower back becomes the center of pressure. While doing crunches or leg lifting, make sure that your back completely touches the ground. By keeping your spinal cord parallel to the ground, you can ensure that the pressure falls on your abdomen only.

While doing push ups, keep your back straight. Ensure that your abdomen remains the center of pressure. Many people, while lifting up in a push up exercise, tends to push with their shoulder and back which is very risky for their lower backs and it never works on the abdomen muscles. Clenching the abdomen muscles helps to lift you up with abdomen muscle power that helps the cause and saves the lower back. Never over do anything that creates pressure on the back and stop if it hurts.

Following the Right System

The most important thing is to work with the right system. Only proper procedure of abdomen workouts can save injury. Specific abdomen muscles needed to be worked on specifically and every workout process has a proper way to be followed. While doing crunches, lie down on your back completely with your knees bended and your feet on the ground. Now lift your upper body with abdomen muscle power while keeping your head straight.

Your feet should stay on the ground and your knees should not move. Now get back to the first position slowly. You will feel the entire pressure on the abdomen muscles. If it hurts your neck or back then you have to rearrange yourself. Try positions until you feel that you are doing it right. Lower back lift is another effective exercise for your abdomen.

Lie down on the ground with your back touching the ground entirely. Slowly lift your two legs straight in the air and keep them together. Now put your hands under your lower back and try to lift it with abdomen muscle power. Don’t use your hands as that will not help the cause. Work on all your abdomen muscles to get the perfect shape.

Workout Slowly

Working out too fast harms your body. If you do push ups too fast then it affects your abdomen muscles. To get a proper shape for your abdominal muscles you should give it enough time span while doing an exercise. When you workout fast, your joint take an extra load of pressure which can hurt your body. It is mostly dangerous for your lower back area. Another important thing is to breath in and out during an exercise. It is very essential that you maintain your normal breathing cycle during an exercise.