5 Best Cures For Spinal Cord Injury

5 Best Cures For Spinal Cord Injury

5 Best Cures For Spinal Cord Injury Spinal cord injury is one of the most dreaded injuries. It can be caused during any simple day to day activity. One might just bend to pick up something and end up injuring their spinal cord. Thus most spinal cord injuries are caused due to ‘trauma’ and not any particular ‘disease’. Spinal Cord injuries are especially common amongst sports men and athletes. An extreme case of spinal cord injury may lead to partial or complete analysis.

Any pain or discomfort in the spinal cord should not be taken lightly. Immediate treatments and doctors’ advice may turn out to be life saviour for you. It is widely believed that a spinal cord injury can be cured but not completely. Following are the 5 best cures for spinal cord injury which will bring you back to the normal course of your activities!

Best Cures For Spinal Cord Injury


Proper medication plays a crucial rule in treating spinal cord injuries. Methylprednisolone is the most commonly used steroid for curing spinal cord injuries.


It is most effective if consumed as soon as the injury takes place. For effective results it should be given to the patient within 8hours of the injury. This is not one of your miracle drugs.

There are many who doubt its effectiveness in curing spinal cord injury but what cannot be ignored is  the fact that methylprednisolone is extremely effective in controlling inflammation and swelling near the injured area. It is also known to protect further wear and tear of nerve cells.


Most doctors today prefer to treat suspected injury also as a proper injury till the former is ruled out. Immediate immobilization saves you from further damaging the spinal cord. X-rays and CT Scans are then conducted to determine the gravity of the situation after which the final decision is taken.

Patients are positioned in such a way through neck collars or on special beds that there is absolutely no head movement. Thus the precious time between suspecting and confirmation of an injury should never be taken lightly. After all it’s best to be safe than sorry.



In extreme cases of spinal cord injury, Surgery becomes inevitable. Surgery is advised primarily to remove bone fragments which are wrongly placed and could cause further deformity of the spines. Surgery is also performed to provide stability to the spine.


Following any or all of the above methods will not help any patient recover completely until and unless good rehabilitation program is planned out. Rehabilitation is the best way to completely eradicate the traces of an injury. One has to fix up a regime after consultation with rehabilitation specialists and physiotherapist.

A series of movements, activities and exercises are recommended according to the injury of the patient.  A variety of equipment is used alongside motor training, respiratory exercises, diet charts, psychological counselling etc to ensure smooth recovery.

Stem Cells

Last but not the least the latest revolution in the treatment of spinal cord injury is the use of stem cells. These special cells are being developed by scientists which will help create new nerve connections and allow the spinal cord to pass messages to and from the brain.

Correct and timely choice of the cure is the key to fast recovery from spinal cord injuries.

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