3 Tips for Rapid Muscle Growth


rapidmusclegrowth Using cardio for burning fat is not the simplest form of workouts. It takes more effort and planning to achieve it and many individuals have failed in this attempt.

The first thing we must do in getting into such workouts is building a plan that is the perfect combination of workouts that are of high intensity and of low intensity.

Only by looking at the results of the workouts in first few weeks, can we plan the routine for the upcoming weeks. The better plan and hard work can give us amazing results within a short span of time than we expect.

First, we must change our diet and take only nutritional foods that are rich in proteins. Building muscles is not the toughest thing on earth and we can achieve anything if we have the will power and determination.

We must understand that we must follow the particular process, which suits our physique to get the best results. We should never go beyond the limits of our energy and get ourselves in trouble.

The first thing we can do is to plan. A plan well laid out is work half done. We should then stick to it without fail.

We must first work hard and also balance our workouts with proper rest and a suitable diet. Most individuals who go to the gym expect instant results, and they are never satisfied with what they could get in the beginning.

They should plan the workout for each day and then start doing them one by one. The other important thing regarding the workouts is planning the type of exercise we want to do.

If considering low intense cardio then we can plan the workouts in such a way that it contains squats, dumbbell workouts, push-ups, pull-ups and other free weight workouts, which are optional. But we should see that sprinting, jogging, and cycling are also in it.

We must see that we have a proper diet plan and stick to it till we reach our goal. Food that contains vitamins, complex carbs, proteins, and minerals are the best to be opted and we should not consume fat rich food. The protein rich food includes fish, boiled eggs, vegetables, fresh fruits, beef, and steamed chicken.

We must also see that we take enough rest and sleep. If we have workouts for 3-5 sessions in a week, which can be for around 2 hours then we must see that we give consistent breaks in between and we must sleep for at least 8 hours since our muscles get regenerated by the effect of our growth hormone only when we sleep and take rest. The chemical required for muscle growth act upon them only at rest. Cardio workouts can also be done for long time.

After doing workouts, using free weights we can get back to cardio for around 20 minutes since it gives us the energy required for other activities. Cardio can also burn excess fat by increasing the metabolism rate in our body.