3 Essential Tips To Get Bigger Muscles

Bigger Muscles

Bigger Muscles

Even though you sweat out day in and day out in the gym, It could be that you have completely no idea of how to obtain bigger muscles. Abiding by the laws of the modern hottest trend of bodybuilding many people especially novice teenagers and youngsters have flooded the gyms hoping to get bigger muscles and sexy abs.


Let us discuss about 3 important factors, which will contribute to the success of your dream.

Strength Training 

You might have come across heavy stuff in magazines related to bodybuilding about intensity and vigorous techniques such as supersets, drop sets, etc. And also material about how muscle growth depends upon the number of reps and sets we do can be found out. I can simply say that you are reading lies.

Strength Training

In order to find out how to obtain bigger muscles, just take a look at the hunks in your gym that lift the heaviest weights of all and then you will understand that there is no difference between a big muscle and a strong muscle. Performing compound Exercises Isolation exercises such as curls, flyes, and extensions should only be performed once you have attained you muscle mass and until then it is better best if you perform only compound exercises to obtain bigger muscles.

Isolation Exercises

These movements help us to use heavier weights and put our muscles and joints to work. Examples of such exercises and variations of those include squats, dips, pull-ups, bench press, rows, and dead lifts. These movements make you work with not only heavier weight but also help you to gain strength.


The most essential and overlooked factor of muscle growth is the eating habits. You won’t be gaining an once unless you eat enough for your muscle growth even if you train hard and sweat out. This fuel is required by the body to live, train, build muscle and for recovery.

Intake Of Protein

The intake of protein as per the thumb rule which says 1 or 2 grams per one pound of your muscle mass is best recommended and add carb and fat foods to the diet and adjust according to your weight gain or loss.