20 Items Your Fridge Should Contain

What goes in your stomach, shows up sooner or later in one way or the other. Therefore, you should take care about it. A fine way to do it is to take an inventory of the stuff that is in your kitchen, in your fridge, which will show what you put in on a regular basis.

Here are a few things that you should stock up your fridge with.


Keep some in your fridge for an emergency. You never know what may come up and you find yourself with no water. It is just safe to keep some in a jug or water filtration pitcher.


Keep a healthy choice of juice, a fresh, pure and unsweetened type. You can juice some fruit yourself or combine different juices for an exotic taste.


Refrigerated ground coffee equals fresh coffee. Therefore, store some, you might need some stimulation for a late night. However, go easy on it.


Milk is great for health with all that calcium and proteins and amino acids. Therefore, even if not for yourself keep some in store for guests. If you can’t stand the standard cow variety go for the rice or soy variety.


Did you have any idea that ol’marge can be healthier than butter. Even if you do not like it as a spread, you sure can use it for cooking.


There are myriad of ways to eat them, not to mention the number of nutrients they provide. Therefore, keep them and enjoy some healthy meals.

Cold cuts

Alright, you do not have to get all excited. I am not telling they are the healthiest option. However, you can keep some low-fat versions for an occasional sandwich or two.


It gets all mouldy faster if kept in the breadbox. If you are going to toast it anyway, keep it in the fridge, it will go for long.


If you are a diet faddy, you probably have it right now. It is the essential ingredient of many a salad. Try the darker variety.


Carrots keep your eyes healthy. They have tons and tons of Vitamin A and beta-carotene, which is a dietary anti-oxidant.


They are a handy seasoning. They add flavour to many a bland dishes.


They give flavour to the food and they also help to fight against germs.


They are one of the best and most delicious fruits available. They provide fiber, potassium, pectin and vitamin A.


Add a dash of it to a salad, juice or smoothie for that extra taste.

Salad dressing

If you are having salads then you will have to keep dressing. However, beware of the high-fat ones.


You can put in your sandwich, omelette. Use the low-calorie options in these.


Add it to any sandwich for a boost of flavour. However, it is not a necessity.

Prepared chicken

You can have it from any supermarket. They can provide a great healthy tasty treat once in a while.

Chilled wine or beer

It not only promotes health, it is a great treat for anyone.

Baking soda

Keep a box of baking soda open. It will keep your fridge fresh. Change the box occasionally.