100 Point Strategy To Halt Weight Gain

Losing weight is the struggle that many of us face on a day to day struggle. We count calories and try to watch every little bite of food that we eat. The bottom line to successful weight loss is to consume less calories and burn more calories with exercise.

It seems as though for most women, we consume at least 100 more calories a day than we should. By eliminating those extra calories and adding some exercise to our daily routine, losing weight would be a breeze and keep us to maintain our weight goal.

There are several ways that you can eliminate those unwanted calories from your foods. If you are a soda drinker, go for the diet instead of the regular. When going for that tall glass of milk, have 2 cups of fat free in place of the whole milk. Another great idea is when you are going for that delicious sandwich and you like mayo, go for some ketchup, mustard or fat free mayo in place of the regular mayo.

When you are out at a fast food place, split your small fries with a friend and you can even cut your slice of apple pie to one thirds smaller than the usual size. Other foods that you can swap are a banana for some cheese, an apple for some almonds and some cottage cheese for some wafers.

As you can see, just by making a few simple changes, you can lower the amount of calories you eat. You should throw in some exercises to accompany your new diet. Ways to burn off 100 calories at a clip is to use an exercise bike for 15 minutes, go hiking uphill for 15 minutes and even practice some fast dance steps for 15 minutes.

As you can see, it is easy once you get the hang of it. Try eating fewer chips and for 6 minutes use apple butter on your toast instead of butter and walk for 11 minutes. Changing your lifestyle will give you a better quality of life and you will feel better about yourself in the end.