Contraindication Of Food
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In ayurveda it is said that if you mix certain foods, the digestive system gets affected and in certain combination it may work as slow poison too. We should not mix food, which is having opposite quality like cold hot and so on. Here are some of the examples that are useful to keep one healthy.

Certain combination with equal quantity is dangerous. Like mixing honey with ghee in equal quantity.

Combination with opposite potency (veerya) is contraindicated like fish is hot and milk is cold by nature.

As per the prakriti one should consume food. It is bad to take Vata dosha shooter diet for a person with Vata prakriti. For instance rough, dry and cold items to Vata dosha person.

As per the disease, one should consume food that is opposite to the dosha involved in disease. For instance one should avoid ripened banana in diarrhoea and spicy items in fever.

Certain cooking is contraindicated like honey should not be cooked.

Time is an important factor. One should consume something when the previous food is digested. One should keep gap for at least 2-3 hr. between food and going bed.

Certain food is contraincidated in certain time like curd at night.

Proper cooking is equally important as half cooked rice may give trouble.

One should consume as per the digestion capacity. A person with poor digestion should not go for meat or chicken.

One should be very careful if undergone severe disease. Like light diet should be adopted when person is recently treated and came out of jaundice or enteric fever.

Totally opposite food like garlic with honey and milk, raddish with milk and so on.

Salt with milk, cow’s flesh, stale food are to be strictly avoided.

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