6 Diet Tips For Hiatal Hernia

Diet Tips For Hiatal HerniaHernias happen when a part of the body has a gap and this gap opens to another part of the body and as a result sticks out of the opening. Hiatal hernia happens when opening appears in the diaphragm where the esophageus meets the stomach. A part of the stomach, due to hiatal hernia protrudes through the opening as the gap is created in the diaphragm. Major hernias may require a surgery but most commonly, people are diagnosed with minor hernia. A minor hernia can exist in people without them knowing it ever.

Hiatal hernia particularly, however is readily apparent and some needs surgeries as well. Hiatal hernia causes the stomach acids and foods to travel up the esophageus and this leads to reflux. Acid in the esophageus causes heartburn and discomfort. To reduce the symptoms of hiatal hernia one can avoid certain foods and concentrate on some other.

Best Diet Tips For Hiatal Hernia

Aggravating Foods

Citrus fruitsFoods like deep fried foods, fatty meats, tomatoes, ice cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, alcohol, coffee, donuts, brownies, high fat cookies, citrus fruits, spice foods, garlic and onion should be avoided in case of hiatal hernia. These foods are either high in fat or acidic.

All these foods are difficult to digest in case of hiatal hernia. Moreover, very rich foods like meat aggravate the acids in esophageus and this increases the heartburn and discomfort. Citrus fruits can directly add to the acids.

There are some kinds of foods that are recommended for hiatal hernia and these are:


PineappleThis particular fruit is very useful in case of hiatal hernia. The main problem in hiatal hernia is that it causes the acids in esophageus to travel up along with the food.

Pineapple contains ascorbic acid that helps to counteract the heartburn causing acids which one might have absorbed from meat or spicy food. Consuming 4-5 pieces of this fruit can show positive results to cure hietal hernia.


PapayaPapaya is rich in pectin and very effective for people with hiatal hernia, boiled papayas should be eaten regularly to get relief from the heartburn.

Papayas not only counteract the acids but it also helps in digestion, preventing the tendency of food to travel upwards. This lowers the discomfort and nausea. Papaya juice or few pieces of raw papaya if included in the meal shows good results in curing this disease.

Dried Fruits and Nuts

Dried Fruits and NutsSome particular dried fruits and nuts like raisins, almonds and brazil nuts are alkaline and thus very helpful to counteract excess acids in stomach. These help to reduce heartburn and discomfort because of hiatal hernia. Excessive consumption of nuts can bring adverse results, 4-5 nuts a day is just fine. So dried fruits should be taken  in moderate amount.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet PotatoesAlkaline and rich in soluble fibre, sweet potatoes can be taken in case of hiatal hernia. These will break down the fats in body and also counteract the acids giving relief from acid reflux. Sweet potatoes can easily be made into recipes and included in diet to counter this disease.


CucumbersWith high water content, high alkaline level and dietary fibres, cucumbers helps with digestion, combats acids in the body and thus gives relief from the heartburn, acid reflux and nausea. A plate of salad with every meal and few pieces of cucumber daily is more than enough to keep hietal hernia at a bay and also cure it to some extent.

Hiatal hernia is a very nagging disease and it is highly aggravated if a proper diet is not followed. It also a recurring trouble and thus including these foods in your regular diet and switching from fatty meats to lean meats and fishes will help you get relief from the symptoms.

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