Delhi An Awesome Destination For Having A Fabulous Holiday

Delhi is the capital city of India and one of the most important cities as far as historical and cultural importance of Delhi is concerned. Delhi is famous for its harsh summers and equally harsh winters but that should not deter you from visiting Delhi.

In every nook of this city you will find a history that will not fail to amuse you! Whether it is the art, the history or the fashion, Delhi will never fail to win your heart! So let this city of the “dilwalas” amuse you in its own way!

Visit the India Gate

The India Gate is one of the most famous structures in Delhi at the present day. Not only in Delhi but all over India, the India Gate is one of the most important national monuments. This massive and impressive structure stands tall at 42 feet and marks the entrance into this grand city. It is built in one end of the Rajpath where every year the grand parade takes place on republic day in the presence of the President and the Prime Minister.

Not only will the magnificence of this building strike you but the presence of the Amar Jawan Jyoti is awe inspiring as well. The shrine of the Amar Jawan Jyoti is built right under the India Gate and it is a mark of tribute to all those soldiers who died while fighting for their motherland. It is a reminder to all Indians that they should not for a moment forget about those soldiers who have fought for years and still are losing their lives for so many others in the country. Visiting the India Gate will infuse you with patriotism and will be a fulfilling experience!

Visit the Red Fort

The Red Fort is historically one of the most important places in Delhi today. It is a mighty citadel that was built by the mughals emperor Shah Jahan in 1639 and it took 9 years for the fort to be completed. It was once the safe haven for the mughals in India until the times of Bahadur Shah Zafar. The mightiness of this fort is what amuses people the most. It almost transports you back to the times of the royal emperors and gives one the flavour of what the life of the glorious mughals had been like.

The Red Fort houses the Diwan-e-Aam and the Diwan-e- Khaas that was the court of the royals and the court of the commons respectively. Both the structures have beautiful architectural designs and are resplendent in their beauty. The Red Fort is built of red sand stone and it also houses the Moti Masjid inside its precincts.
The Red Fort holds the same importance as it did centuries earlier. The prime minister addresses the nation from within the walls of the red fort on Independence Day .

A visit to the Jama Masjid

If you want to have a flavour of the religious diversity in Delhi then it will be a good idea to visit the Jama Masjid not only for it being the most sacred mosque for followers of Islam in Delhi but also to see yet another architectural marvel built by the emperor shah Jahan. Visiting the Jama Masjid in old Delhi will also give you a different shade of life in the old Delhi that was once Shahjahanabad.

The mosque was built in the year 1656 and is typically reminiscent of the mughals architecture that dots Delhi, especially old Delhi where the historic Red Fort stands as well. Although it is built amidst the humdrum of modern life visit the mosque will take you back in time and bring you serenity and calm that is often missing in hectic urban life.

Visiting Old Delhi

If it is only New Delhi that you have visited and are impressed by it, you have felt the pulse of only half of Delhi. For it is in the narrow lanes and by lanes of the old city where the heart of Delhi lies! This part of Delhi is congested and full of squalor but yet it will not fail to win your heart! The charm of Old Delhi lies in its old roads and dusty streets and rustic residents. But it is in here that you will find the best food whether it be the typical Punjabi parathas or the most delicious kababs in Delhi! Old Delhi is just the place!

Originally the old city was built as Shahjahanabad by the then emperor Shah Jahan and remained the capital of the mughals dynasty till it’s very end so its historical importance is enormous as well.
The most important street in Old Delhi is the Chandi Chowk that s known for its busy streets and the ancient hand pulled rickshaws that will be a great revelation for you!

Shopping in Delhi

No trip to any city or town is ever complete without shopping in its most loved shopping destinations! And Delhi can prove to be an entirely new city if you discover the wonderful places that you can shop at! The most loved and popular shopping destinations happen to be Connaught place where you will find the most amazing and exotic things you wish to buy for yourself.

You will find the most amazing  bed spreads and durries with traditional rajasthani embroidery work done on it or the very beautiful block printed table covers and cushion covers that you will find all over Janpath and CP. At most shops you will also find beautiful Kashmiri carpets that can look beautiful in your home!

Besides Janpath and Connaught place you must definitely visit Dilli Haat to get the best bargains in the local handicrafts. From ethnic jewellery to local crafts the Delhi Haat is a feast for your eyes as well! You can buy beautiful and rustic chairs from Delhi Haat that will adorn your most beloved terrace garden!

is also a great destination among young Delhi girls as you can buy trendy clothes at Sarojini Nagar at really cheap prices. There is not a single thing that you will not find there! From clothes to curtains to shoes and bags you can stock up your kitty with loads of things even on a very small budget!

So don’t stop yourself from dropping into Delhi! The chances are high that you will love everything about it!

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