Deal Professionally With Head Injury In Children

Deal Professionally With Head Injury In ChildrenKids are playful. Either boy or girl, maybe their nature of play differs, but they would always love to play. They even invent newer ideas of play within their minds and get engrossed with that, which might, at times appear queer to the adults too.

Given an opportunity, children will love to play, as long as their body permits. Although it cannot be denied, too, that playing also has some positive aspects. It builds up the body muscles, gives strength and stamina and promote over all well being of health.

But, playing also has some very dangerous side effects too. It can bring about accidents in the children too, which are sometimes caused in the absence of the parents while at other times due to parental carelessness too.

One of the most occurring accidents in this regard is injury. Scars, bruises and minor wounds in the hands, legs and knees of the kids are regarded as minor injuries. But when it comes down to head, it is mostly looked up with trauma.

When to understand head injury is fatal

Head is a part of the body which is always considered vital, since underneath it lies the brain. Any form of deep injury of the head can affect the brain too. In order to identify if the head injury is fatal or trivial we need to carefully observe the place of occurrence of the same and the behavior of the victim after facing the injury.

If the injury is visible and is somewhere at the upper mantle of the head, it can be said as a minor injury as that can be treated with medication, oral drugs, locally application of antiseptics or in the most worst cases, a stitch of two will be all.

But, on the other hand, if the injury is not visible but the child exhibits some typical symptoms that is quite threatening, then it must be understood that something severe has occurred internally which needs immediate medical attention. It is a major head injury.

Types of head injury

Head injury can be divided into some of the major categories based on the medical parameters. It is mostly based on the intensity of the injury, the medium of injury and the nature of injury. This can be explained with practical experiences.

Direct external head injury

This can be explained as, suppose you have gone to a park with your kid. While playing, a child unintentionally pushes your kid and he falls down. This leads to head injury of your kid, which gets accompanied by bleeding.

This situation will be identified as direct head injury as you can see the agent of injury and the effect too. In most of the times, this category of injury is not something to be afraid of. Medical attention, first aid and on time medication are enough to heal such injuries.

Direct internal head injury

To explain direct internal head injury too, let us cite an example. Suppose a friend of you is fanatic about driving bikes. He is also passionate about going for long drives and rallies, riding on his bike. In an unfortunate circumstance, he meets with an accident when he faces a head on collision with a big tree while driving.

Such a situation will be direct internal injury as, in most of the cases, accidents of these sorts have very nominal or at times, totally absent external injuries. It leads to internal hemorrhage and internal bleeding. Such situations are, in the first place, difficult to identify.

Then, they are difficult to tackle too, as such internal bleedings become life threatening if immediate and skilled medical attention is not given, since the bleeding does not stop otherwise and gradually leads to diminishing of the activities of the various nerves, the brain and other important organs.

Non accidental injury

When we are disusing about accidents only, as the root of all head injuries, we must realize that head injuries also occur as a result of non accidental situations as well. Injuries of such sort do not have any relation to any noticeable medium as such.

These are byproducts of most of the cases of child abuse may be, to be curt. Let us understand this very easily. Suppose your kid is creating a lot of fuss over a toy he wants and you said you are not giving that to him. He remains stubborn and goes on crying aloud. In a situation, when you get extremely irritated, you frighten him to stop by shaking his head vigorously.

This makes the child become drowsy and sleepy all of a sudden with occurrence of vomiting. Such a situation becomes delicate and is termed as non accidental injury, when, you must be sanguine that your act has led to any sort of internal injury to the child.

When to seek medical consultation

Discussing all the while about the manners of head injury, the various ways by which head injury is caused and the effects of head injury, might have made you contemplate when to identify the situation that required medical consultation. So, here are certain parameters that will guide you with it.

Profuse bleeding

When you witness any head injury that involves profuse bleeding, you must not wait to determine yourself on the category of injury or the intensity of seriousness. What you must do is to rush for a medical help as profuse bleeding is something you cannot handle and if time elapses just like that, without proper treatment, the victim can even bleed to death.


If a victim faints during a head injury, treat the matter with seriousness and seek medical attention without wasting any further time. Fainting associated with head injury is often one of the sure shot symptoms of internal hemorrhage.

Vomiting or nausea

A feeling of vomiting or nausea is not normal in case of a minor injury. It can only be associated with internal injury. So, rush for a medical help in such situations.

Breathlessness and difficulty in talking

If you observe that the kid who has got injured in the head is feeling breathless and facing difficulty in breathing normally, it is something alarming. Added to it, it the respiration process becomes so obstructed that the child experiences difficulty in talking. In such situations seek for immediate medical attention.

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