Cure Dysmenorrhea With These Simple Tips

Cure Dysmenorrhea With These Simple TipsMost women have Dysmenorrhea or menstrual cramps that can sometimes hamper their efficiency and create deep distress. While menstrual cramps are very common before or after the onset of periods, for some women, Dysmenorrhea can be unbearable and hence difficult to live with. There could be a host of causes that lead to Dysmenorrhea. Changes in the uterine wall due to formations of polyps, fibroids and cancers can cause menstrual cramps and severe bleeding.  Infections of the pelvic area and reproductive organs too are another major cause that can cause this debilitating condition. At times, insertion of intra uterine devices for surgical procedures, for diagnosis and for birth control measures can trigger Dysmenorrhea. The symptoms associated with Dysmenorrhea may vary from person to person. Normally, it manifests itself as a dull, throbbing pain in the lower abdomen that can graduate to the pelvic area and down to the thighs. It could also be accompanied by vomiting, nausea and sweating. Dysmenorrhea can be very unpleasant, especially when you are a working woman and have important meetings and events to attend. It renders you completely incompetent for a couple of days and disrupts your normal routine. If you are one of those who experience mild to severe Dysmenorrhea, why not try these simple tips before you consider other options?

Tips for Curing Dysmenorrhea

Importance of Exercise for Curing Dysmenorrhea

Women who exercise regularly are known to have less or no menstrual cramps. The reason behind this is that exercise helps in releasing beta endorphins which are chemicals that are present in the brain that can relieve pain in the body. Beta endorphins are also known to have a feel good factor associated with it which helps in improving your mood and general behaviour.

The Good Old Hot Water Bottle for Curing Dysmenorrhea

We have seen or grandmothers and mothers adopt this technique and get great pain relief without any pain medications that we so easily pop into our mouths without a thought in the mind. Hot water bottles can relieve all sorts of pain, not just dysmenorrhea. Place a hot water bottle on your stomach or any area whenever you need pain relief without the help of any over the counter medication.

Hot Compressors for Curing Dysmenorrhea

Hot or wet compressors are equally good as pain relievers. So if you do not have a hot water bottle, don’t just plan to run to the medical shop to get one. Take a towel and soak it in hot water. Wring out the excess water and place it on the area of pain. For menstrual cramps, place it on the lower abdomen and press gently. The steam that penetrates your skin gives instant pain relief and provides greater mobility.

Importance of Drinking Water for Curing Dysmenorrhea

Cramps generally increase if your body gets dehydrated. So ensure that you drink plenty of water when you have Dysmenorrhea. Drinking water can actually alleviate the pain and stop its occurrence in case your Dysmenorrhea is due to dehydration.

Importance of Sexual Intercourse for Curing Dysmenorrhea

Most women may avoid intercourse in case of an episode of Dysmenorrhea. But, it you have severe menstrual cramps, you could try getting an orgasm. Orgasm creates muscle spasmswhich allow blood and other fluids from getting removed from your congested organs. Getting an orgasm could just put an end to your dysmenorrhea and also pave way for an enjoyable experience too.

Yoga for Curing Dysmenorrhea

Yoga has been proved to be beneficial for treating a number of pain related disorders. Some yogic postures are great in relieving menstrual cramps as well as it prevents its occurrence. The relaxation techniques used in yoga is also beneficial for treating dysmenorhhea as relaxation techniques help in removing pain from the body.

Mint for Curing Dysmenorrhea

Mint tea can be used for curing Dysmenorrhea. Mint tea can be had twice or thrice a day for best results. The cooling properties of this herb helps to relieve pain and tension associated with Dysmenorrhea. You can also use mint candy for day long relief. You may use peppermint, spearmint or wintergreen for relieving Dysmenorrhea. For preparing mint tea, take a tablespoon of dried mint leaves and boil it along with a cup of water. Cover it and steep it for fifteen minutes in order to prevent the oil from evaporating. Drink hot for great results. Mint is also calming and relaxing which is again good for Dysmenorrhea.

Ginger for Curing Dysmenorrhea

Ginger can offer instant pain reliefand is a very popular home remedy used for all sorts of stomach pains. For Dysmenorrhea, crush ginger and boil in a glass of water for a couple of minutes. Add sugar to this infusion and drink 3-4 times daily after you take your meals.

Basil Leaves for Curing Dysmenorrhea

Basil leavesare known to relieve pain effortlessly. Caffeic acid, a pain relieving component present in basil leaves help in bringing relief to women who have dysmenorrhea. Basil can be consumed with the food or used along with the tea. For making the tea, add two tablespoons of basil leaves to a cup of water. Cover the bowl and allow it to cool. You can take this every one or two hours to ease the pain associated with Dysmenorrhea.

Cinnamon for Curing Dysmenorrhea

Cinnamon has anti spasmodic as well as anti inflammatory properties which are good in easing Dysmenorrhea. You can add cinnamon to your food or add it to the tea. Do this before and when you have menstrual periods for enjoying the goodness of cinnamon.

Avoiding Caffeine to Prevent Dysmenorrhea

The oil present in caffeine can cause intestinal irritation. Caffeine can increase anxiety and nervousness which will affect your overall well being and increase menstrual cramps. Therefore, while you have Dysmenorrhea, it is better to avoid caffeinated drinks and food items.

Mineral Bath for Curing Dysmenorrhea

Fill your tub with water and add one bowl of baking soda and another bowl of sea salt. Soak yourself for half an hour for complete relaxation and relief from pain. Dysmenorrhea can easily be controlled with these simple tips. Make sure your try them before you seek medical intervention. Photo Credit:

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