Countdown For Maruti Suzuki Swift 2011 Begins Now

Whole of India is eagerly awaiting the latest version of Maruti Swift that is Maruti Swift 2011. Maruti after achieving overwhelming success through Maruti 800 and Alto was looking for something appealing, something unique to offer to its customers and this resulted in Maruti Suzuki Swift which was launched in the year 2004.

Maruti Swift, the winner of several prestigious accolades became ‘car of the year’ several times after its launch as people all around India fell in love with this Hatchback.

Achievements in Europe

Maruti Swift 2011 made its appearance first of all in the Paris Motor Show in October 2010 where it was able to satisfy several automobile enthusiasts. While India is waiting eagerly for it, Swift 2011 has been satisfying customers in the European markets. Swift 2011 is voted the safest super-mini in the United Kingdom and came with 4 start NCAP rating.

Swift has been called safest super-mini in the UK beacause of the features like ABS, EBD and brake assist that come as a standard kit in all the model ranges. Despite its lighter weight Swift 2011 is a tougher car. The car is made of tensile steel that contributes in making it light but tough. Pre-tension seat belts are also installed in it for enhancing safety in the case of accidents.

Expectations in India

The swift 2011 is expected to arrive in India in both petrol and diesel variants. It is expected that it will not include all the safety features that European version had but still it would be much more safer than any other hatchback in India. The price expected would be around 5 lakhs for the base model. Interiors of this hatchback are expected to be posh. In the European version the interiors of the automobile is enhanced with sporty looking dial, switch gear, instrument panel and steering wheel.

New Swift will repeat the success of the older version or not, is yet to be seen but people are definitely excited and hopeful. Swift was successful in selling large volumes because of the qualities that it was possessing. If the Maruti can maintain the quality of the Swift 2011, then it might achieve the similar success achieved by the previous swift.

Maruti Suzuki Swift VS Swift 2011

Maruti Suzuki is possessing number one position in India in terms of demand. According to some automobile experts it was able to attain that position because its cars provide an intriguing combination of comfortable interiors, sleek exteriors and powerful engines. Swift also became number One car in India because of these reasons. Swift 2011 is longer than existing swift by about 155 mm. This increase would help in adding more space inside the car therefore it would be more spacious.

The width would be increased from 1690 mm to 1695 mm. Only thing that would be reduced would be the height of new Swift which would be getting reduced from 2430 mm to 2390 which would be boon for those who desire better handling and performance. Tail light designs extending to sides and better looking rear will make it a visual delight. New style steering with the quality enhanced central console, integrated audio system and additional interior space because of the increased length will lead to more leg space for the passengers that are sitting on rear seat. The front console will possess an auxiliary and a USB port built in for audio beside charging slot.

Maruti swift 2011 VS Competitors in Indian Market

The competition in the hatch back segment has increased several folds over the years. This segment is filled with international players that are making constant endeavors to improve the quality of their products. Maruti has been facing threats from the multinational companies like Chevrolet, Hyundai, Nissan, Volkswagen etc. The main competitors of the new Swift would be Hyundai’s i10 and i20, Chevrolet’s Beat Aveo UVA, Volkswagen Polo and Nissan’s Micra.

The competition is going to be stiff over the coming few months as just like Swift 2011, other players are going to introduce their new and innovative products. But because of the crisis in Japan several Japanese companies won’t be able to provide the consumers their products on time. Supply would be very meager and the demand for cars will keep on increasing. Maruti Suzuki can take advantage of this time to sell as many products as they want.

Customers now-a-days get attracted towards new products and they are not loyal to any company. All the things now a days depends upon quality and marketing. If swift 2011 desires to make any mark in India it not only has to provide quality but should possess visibility as well.

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