Control Sagging Breasts With These Natural Tips

Natural Tips To Control Sagging BreastsBreasts are the most beautiful part of a woman’s body. Every woman would love to have a well endowed and voluptuous bust line. But the truth is that most of us have sagging and droopy breasts that we are ashamed to flaunt. There could be many causes for sagging breasts. Pregnancy is one reason why a woman’s breasts sag. Many women associate sagging breasts after pregnancy as an after effect of breast feeding.

But this is far from the truth. Sagging breasts could be a result of weight gain due to pregnancy and subsequent weight loss. It is also the result of damaged ligaments due to weight gain as the ligaments are no longer able to support the weight of the breast. Poor posture is another reason why many women have sagging breasts.  Postural deformities can easily be tackled. Rigorous exercises and improper support could also result in sagging of breasts.

While sagging is a natural process and women have to deal with them and learn to accept them at some point of their lives, proper care and support will take your breasts a long way before they sag. To prevent sagging of breasts and to keep them firm and taut for as much time as you like, there are certain tips that you can follow diligently at home. These are easy to achieve things where you do not have to spend much time on.

Tips to Prevent Sagging Breasts

Importance of Proper Posture

Right Bra To WearA woman who hunches will naturally have a saggy looking breast even if her breasts are actually not sagging.  Slumped shoulders and bent back can make anyone look saggy. Therefore improving your posture can give a tremendous lift to your bust line and make them look taut and firm. Stand tall and straight, pull your shoulders back and lift your chest up and see how much of a difference it can make to your sagging breast. By correcting your posture, most of the sagginess can be brought under control.

Herbs to Prevent Sagging of Breasts

GingerCertain herbs are known to improve blood circulation and make the breasts full and firm. Ginger is a root that helps in increasing the circulation of blood. Raw ginger taken every day improves the blood circulation in the breasts. Blood circulation increases the size of the breasts and lifts them, making them firm. Make it a point to include raw ginger in your diet every day.

Fenugreek is loaded with the richness of estrogen hormones and prolactin. They help in the development of a woman’s body. Consuming fenugreek regularly will give your breasts a fuller and more beautiful shape. Another herb that has abundant properties of firming and improving blood circulation is Lady’s Mantle.

Importance of Choosing the Right Support for Preventing Sagging Breasts

After puberty, a girl’s breasts start developing fast. This is the right time to give the breasts the right support that they deserve for keeping them firm and preventing any cause for sagging.  Finding the right cup size and choosing a bra that gives enough support underneath are important factors that help a woman keep the shape of her breasts, especially if you have bigger breasts that are more prone to sagging.

Equally important are the width of the strap that you choose. The strap and the band underneath should be wide enough to support the weight of your breasts. This will ensure that you do not get pain in the shoulders and breasts which would make you slouch unnecessarily.

Toning Exercises to Prevent Sagging Breasts

Toning Exercises To Prevent Sagging BreastsToning your pectoral muscles or chest muscles do not actually improve the size of the breasts or lift them. They only make the pectoral muscles firm which in turn helps in a better shape and size for the breasts. Exercises like push ups help in toning the chest muscles. Chest presses using dumbbells too are good exercises you can practise regularly in order to improve the shape of your breasts and prevent sagging.

The ligaments in the breasts help them stay taut without sagging. It is a good practice to strengthen the ligaments by doing simple exercises. For this lift your breasts from underneath with the inside of your palm and hold it in that position for 20 seconds.  Do it two or three times a day. This will make the ligaments strong and prevent your breast from sagging.

Weight Loss for Sagging Breasts

Weight Loss For Sagging BreastsWomen who are overweight will have heavier breasts which will sag. This is because the weights of the breasts have become too heavy for the ligaments to support them. Obese women must therefore think of controlling their weight if they want to prevent damage to the ligaments and sagging. It is important to lose weight naturally through adopting a well balanced diet rather than think of a crash diet.

Crash dieting will reduce the intake of vital nutrients, making your breasts lose its fat tissue and volume, resulting in thinner, more sagging breasts.

Leave your breasts without support to prevent sagging breasts

Leave Your Breasts Without Support To Prevent Sagging BreastsWhile this may seem very surprising and contradictory to the theory of giving proper support to the breasts, recent studies are accepting this theory as a correct practice. While you cannot always go without support, leaving your breasts without support, maybe when you are at home will actually help the ligaments to grow stronger by doing what they are supposed to do, which is support the breasts from sagging.

When we provide an external support to the breasts, such as a bra, we are actually preventing the ligaments from supporting the breasts which makes them weak as they are sitting idle. So it is important to leave your breasts free for strengthening the ligaments and also in improving the blood circulation.

Make it a point to massage your breasts with a good skin oil like olive oil or almond oil in an upward motion every day. This will keep your breasts firm and taut without premature sagging. Breasts tissues are delicate and hence one must take utter care while massaging. It must be gentle and not harsh which will permanently damage the ligaments.

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