Ayushveda Informatics is a Leading Global Lifestyle Publisher that facilitates authentic dialog between its editors and dedicated users. In a digital space filled with overlapping voices and opinions, Ayushveda Informatics is set apart by our honesty, intelligence and focus on relatable content for our readers. As a company, Ayushveda Informatics is young, nimble and hard-working. Our sites reach 35 millions of readers every year and 53 Million Page Views via our 50 + Web Properties in various verticals such as Health, Travel, Fashion, Education, Technology, Auto, Lifestyle, Business and Fitness.

Ayushveda.com is a Lifestyle Portal covering Interesting and Latest Topics on Health, Fitness, Fashion, Technology, Pregnancy, Study, Travel, Entertainment, Videos, Horoscope, Games and more which are of interest to majority of online readers. Further the Portal Features Questions and Answers and Forum section.


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