Common Health Problems Associated With Large Breasts

Women are very much concerned and conscious about their breasts. Breast size is one factor that contributes to the beauty of a woman. Most girls and women want to possess large breasts for which they try different products. This is the reason that breast enhancement products are giving huge profit to their manufacturing companies. But are you aware of the fact that even large breasts can cause trouble to the body of the woman, who possesses large breasts?

You may wonder why a woman should have any health trouble due to large breasts. But this is true to a great extent. There are certain health problems that are linked to large breasts. 5 common health problems associated with large breasts have been given below in brief. You should go through the following paragraphs and if you already have normal sized breasts then you are recommended not to opt for increasing your breast size further without any obvious reason and without consulting your doctor.

1) Nerve problem

Large breasts also weigh more and thus the women with large breasts find it difficult to stand with correct posture. She may change her position by rolling her shoulders forward. This may exert extra pressure on the upper part of the body, which is called the ‘thoracic outlet’. When this occurs the additional pressure applied on the thoracic outlet compresses the nerves as well as the blood vessels. As a result, the related woman may experience tingling sensation or pain in the upper extremities.

2) Chronic Pain

Women having huge bust usually experience pain that is often long-lasting and chronic. And you know that pain of any kind in the body can adversely affect the overall quality of life. So pain caused by large breasts by and large influences the life of the related women. Apart from this, women with outsized breasts may also experience back pain, and pain in neck or shoulders. At times, headaches can also result.

3) Skin Irritations

Women with large breasts usually fail to keep the area under their breasts dry. And as a result they often develop skin rashes, skin irritations and yeast infections underneath their breasts. Heat rash is another skin problem that is common among women, who possess large breasts. Abrasion and chafing may also occur at the side of the breasts if the bra used has small cups. Many women also suffer from other skin problems like stretch marks or deep groves on the shoulders.

4) Psychological Health Problems

Depression and low self esteem is a common issue with women, who have small breasts. Similarly, women with extremely large breasts can also undergo the same emotional trauma and have negative feelings about their body figure.

5) Exercise Impediment

Large breasts can negatively affect the daily activities of the individual and may restrict her active lifestyle. Large bust can considerably hinder activities like jogging, running, playing golf, badminton, etc. She may even find it difficult to exercise or practice yoga to maintain her physical and mental health. Large breasts can be a big hindrance for the concerned woman and she may not be able to enjoy her life to its full potential.

The sufferings caused by large sized breasts can be greatly reduced with the help of breast reduction surgery. This procedure helps the sufferer to improve her body image and eliminate several problems that are associated with large breasts.

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