Comedy Clubs In Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is the capital city of Ohio and this makes it one of the most popular and demanded cities in the state. Whoever considers visiting Ohio for a holiday should definitely include Columbus in the itinerary for a complete experience. Also, the city has a lot to serve on the platter when it comes to sightseeing places, attractions and activities.

The liveliness and the fun loving nature of the people here will definitely impress you to the core and give you a strong reason to come back again and again. Where night life is concerned, Columbus not only has great nightclubs and bars to offer to tourists but also some out of the box experiences through the number of comedy clubs they have in town.

These comedy clubs will give you a reason to laugh your heart out. A simple guide below, mentions all the best comedy clubs that you can hit in the city of Columbus.

Guide To Comedy Clubs In Columbus

Funny Bone Comedy Club And Restaurant

One of the perfectly perfect destinations when we talk about comedy clubs in Columbus that you can blindly consider is the Funny Bone Comedy Club and Restaurant. Not only do they offer their guests with shows by national artists but also encourages new talent on the block.

Comedy Clubs In Columbus

They even have a lot of charity functions to their credit along with some corporate events that they organize from time to time. Some other features of the place include magic shows and comedy nights especially for family gatherings. A minimum entry charge is applicable to visit the place.

Shadowbox Live

Another comedy club worth mentioning here in this list is the Shadowbox Live. The place is open all days of the week to make sure each one can grab an opportunity to visit it when in town.

Comedy Clubs In Columbus

There is a bar section dedicated to those who love boozing. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are considered to be the perfect night outs here at Shadowbox Live. Live music is another star attraction along with comedy shows from some of the well known comedians.

Wiley’s Comedy Niteclub

Located in the Dayton region of the place, it is one comedy club that is known for its liveliness and entertainment options. Also, it is the oldest of the comedy clubs in the state of Ohio and not much of a distance from Columbus.

Comedy Clubs In Columbus

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People visit this place especially for reasons like affordability. Not only is the entry economical but so is the food. Make sure you check the shows before planning a visit.

The Big Bang

It is one of the most recent and newest comedy clubs on the block. However, even after just a couple of years of opening the place has become one of the hotspots for not only locals but for tourists as well. Audience participation and interaction is one thing that they totally encourage in all their shows. To have a complete experience try out the in house drinks!

Comedy Clubs In Columbus

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The comedy clubs mentioned here are the best ones that you can opt for. There are many others apart from these that you can include in the plan. However, make sure you check the rates and entry fees beforehand.

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