Clitorial Orgasm By Clitorial Stimulation

Clitorial Orgasm By Clitorial Stimulation

Clitorial stimulation can be done using your tongue. Tongue contains one of the most powerful lubricant saliva that clitoris will love. The art of clitorial stimulation when done in a correct manner will give your female partner an ideal clitorial orgasm. This article contains clitorial stimulation sex tips for men.

Relaxing Techniques For Ideal Clitorial Orgasm

Relaxing Techniques For Ideal Clitorial Orgasm

Clitorial stimulation will work best when your female partner is fully relaxed and that will also help in arousing her fully. It is better to have a hot water bath together and she would feel comfortable to note that she is clean for your antics. Moreover the hot water would arouse your playful mood for clitorial stimulation.

You should be calm and relaxed while undressing her. You can talk sensual with her, play with her by indulging in foreplay, have a good breast sex, concentrate on her erogenous zones and make sure that you do not rush straight to her clitoris for clitorial stimulation.You can indulge in bedroom games like putting a blindfold over her eyes. She will feel relaxed and excited as she cannot see your moves but can feel it. That will arouse her erogenous zones and that will help in better clitorial orgasm.

Let Her Clitoris Wait

Do Not Remove Her Underwear And You Should Be Breathing On It

You can start kissing her sensuously all over her body ignoring her genital area. You should start kissing her lips and make sure that it is moist. Then you should give an extra tickle on her stomach and thighs and have a passionate breast sex. Use your hands to give her a simple massage and squeeze her body parts in between by saying some soothing words on her ears.

Do not remove her underwear and you should be breathing on it. You should be playful to remove her underwear using your mouth and that will excite her. You should tease her nicely so that you can have easy clitorial stimulation that will lead to clitorial orgasm.

Clitorial Orgasm Using Your Tongue

Clitorial Orgasm Using Your Tongue

The process of clitorial stimulation using tongue should start from the base of vulva and move towards top. Make sure that you stop your tongue licking before clitorial hood and restart once again by ignoring clitorial hood. Then you should remove your tongue from vulva region as she would crave for more action.

Then start the licking process once again by concentrating on inner labia and vagina. Then slowly start the process of clitorial stimulation by concentrating on sides of clitorial hood. The ideal positions are the one o’ clock and eleven o’ clock positions near clitoris. Then you should move your tongue in a pointed direction in these regions to lead her to clitorial orgasm. The strokes should be more of gentle in nature but having some force also.

Then slowly start concentrating on her clitoris in a direct manner to lead her to ideal clitorial orgasm. You should pull her clitorial hood backwards using you index finger and you should hit her clitoris hard in an up-down licking and can also do diagonal licking for clitorial stimulation. You can use your fingers to massage her clitoris and make sure that your fingers are well lubricated to lead her to clitorial orgasm. Then you should start licking the sides of clitoris in a slow manner and then increase speed of your licking on clitoris. Then you should suddenly start licking clitoris slower and then start licking the sides of clitoris in a faster manner for rhythmic clitorial stimulation.

Then you should suck her clitoris and the slowly start sucking her entire clitoris area. You should be flicking your tongue over her clitoris even while you are sucking it and that will lead to passionate clitorial orgasm. You can slow down the flicking of tongue and increase speed of flicking as your wish. You can flick tongue over her clitoris in an up and down manner and also in left to right manner to lead her to intense clitorial stimulation.

You can lick her clitoris while your finger is busy with pressing of G-spot that will lead to better clitorial orgasm along with vagina massage.
Other methods for clitorial stimulation that leads to clitorial orgasm The shaft and head of your [email protected] should be used to rub near her clitoris and clitorial hood. Make sure that you do this in a gentle manner and the nerve endings in shaft will help in sensual clitorial stimulation. This method of clitorial stimulation will work wonders if she is clean shaved in that area.

Use your fingers to have a trace around her clitoris and make a path in circles, so that her clitoris is not led to direct stimulation. This clitoral stimulation will work wonders with women who do not like direct stimulation on clitoris. Place your thumb on one outer lip or labia majora and place another finger on the other lip of labia majora. Then start squeezing both these lips together and massage clitoris to lead her to clitorial orgasm. You should be watching her while doing this clitorial stimulation and make sure that you do not apply more pressure as that can lead to pain.

Then you should be grabbing her clitoris between your pointer finger and thumb and should be rolling it without causing any pain and this rubbing should be done in a circular manner. You can lead her to clitorial orgasm by tapping her clitoris using finger. Make sure that your fingers are well lubricated and you tap in a slow rhythmic manner. Then take her to shower. Make sure that you lay her on a bath tub. Then spread her legs apart. Then make the water strike her clitoris in a gentle manner.

Then you can hook up a hose and apply intense pressure on her clitoris to lead to clitorial orgasm. You should also apply pressure on her vagina, mound and outer lips. The clitorial orgasm will be high if the pressure applied by you is higher and if the water is warm also. Make her stand on bathroom and apply water pressure on her clitoris to lead her to passionate clitorial stimulation. Dirty talking will also lead to clitorial orgasm along with the tips and techniques mentioned above. Make sure that your hands and fingers are clean and you should cut your nails before doing clitorial stimulation.

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