Cheap Things to Do in Singapore

Singapore is one of the world’s very expensive places to visit in Asia. On a visit for a very short span of time, this won’t be a problem. However, on a long trip through this region, is more likely to elicit a sticker shock, turning people the other away those trying to it on the cheap.

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There is no alternate way around apart cutting down few expenses while preferring not the too costly things. This small state is priced relative to that of the prices in the United States, which is bit more expensive than its surrounding nations.However, for those people thinking of visiting this country with a constrained budget, there are many ways around for visiting Singapore without breaking their bank accounts. Check out some of the suggested activities you can do at an affordable price.

Visiting Singapore At Cheap Price

Walking in the Gardens

The Botanical Gardens and few other places can be visited free, and are nice places to spend some time around especially in the mornings and evenings, when the weather cools down a bit.

Best Places that Offer Food at Cheaper Price

Having food available in the locality is a nice experience with ample time to spend but not too much money left. The cost of food is very much closer to that of the prices in expensive places like Las Vegas. However, few places make it easier to spend on food-stuffs to satisfy ourselves by offering food at reasonably lower prices.

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Getting lunch is an affordable one as many restaurants, especially the ones located in underground malls, offer discounts and special offer price for Lunch. The combo lunch packs, set lunches provide food at lower price, yet with more variety.

Little India

Singapore, despite having great food to enjoy makes it difficult to offer because of its expensive restaurants. However, the Little India is a place where great Indian meals may cost low, as little as 4-5 Singapore Dollars. Eating at these places is of great places though they are most authentic places.

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Similar to Little India is another great place to eat cheap food, Chinatown, a wonderful place to eat and also to wander around as there are a few cool temples here.

Chinatown in singapore

Here the dim sum is great, and most of the things are Chinese. The hawker food is good and makes it easier to cut down a lot of food budget by sticking to these hawker stalls.

Underground Malls to Cool off

Singapore is considered to be pretty hot and humid. There are many places to cool off in this city of sultry climate. The underground malls are best suited for those who are worried of their spending. Most of the city is connected to these malls, where it is easy to walk around visiting malls without exposure to the intense heat outside. Some times of the day can be spent without any expenses at all. On the contrary, it will be very cool at night making it easier to save expenses being paid for air conditioning.

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