Causes of Cellulite

Many people are unaware of what cellulite actually is. They hear the term often without understanding what it actually means. Cellulite is fat. It is the name of the condition caused when the skin starts to appear saggy due to underlying fat deposition.

Many women (and even men) suffer from cellulite. Forming as stubborn fatty deposits in certain areas of the body, it destroys overall cosmetic appearance. This article discusses the causes of cellulite. Often knowing the causes can be helpful in trying to understand the actions to take to destroy it.

What causes fatty deposit accumulation or cellulite?

Food and drink
The first and foremost cause is the diet. Everything depends on the food that is eaten. Eating fatty food will get the body to store fatty deposits at places that is beyond one’s control. Research suggests the reduction of salt intake. Salt is said to expedite the process of cellulite formation in the body. So the best way to attack cellulite is to have a balanced nutritious diet.

Genetic predisposition
Some people are genetically predisposed to get cellulite. So they can safely blame it on their genes and not on them! Sometimes a genetic predisposition for cellulite formation is so strong, that it goes beyond one’s control. You would have noticed how certain people become fat eating the same food as some others who still stay thin. A genetic predisposition does not mean cellulite cannot be destroyed. Just that people with such genetic predisposition should exercise more and watch what they eat.

Lifestyle activities
Lifestyle activities have a profound effect on the metabolic rate of the body. A sedentary lifestyle will cause the body to lose its metabolic rate, and end up storing all food as fat. An active lifestyle will get the body to burn more calories. Excessive smoking and alcoholism will also cause cellulite formation.

Hormonal imbalances
Now hormonal imbalances should not be confused with gene predisposition. When there is more or less of certain hormones in the body, cellulite can be formed. Estrogen is one hormone that causes cellulite production. When there is an excess of estrogen in the body, cellulite is formed. Women with excess estrogen will have this problem.

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