Canon Vixia HF M400 Flash Memory Camcorder

The stunning beauties of this planet receive a proper homage from the Canon Vixia M-400 Camcorder. This is because the above camcorder captures the true flavor of the earthly terrain and features. The auto-focus technique chooses the perfect frame to hold a breathtaking moment which you can cherish the whole life.

Canon Vixia HF M400 review

The CMOS sensor works aptly to give shape to a spectacular image imparting a superb clarity of each point on the screen. The headphone terminal is also present to make your experience a glide through the comfort!

Features Of Canon Vixia HF M400


The optical image stabilization and the 2 TB of space exclusively on the cards provided a massive boost to the sale of this Camcorder. The resolution of 1920×1080 is simply awesome because it makes the image ‘as clear as drinking water’ but then the focus of the camcorder also plays a role.

Canon Vixia HF M400 price

The microphone terminal arrests every sound to give a perfect sound balance while this is played on the television. The synced with zoom, mono-aural options helps the internal microphone of the Camcorder to work properly. It does not end here; the stereo and wide options also impart an exclusive character to the ‘Vixia HF M-400 Camcorder’.

The mid-range to high frequencies of the camcorder is pretty nice to accommodate but the slight modifications of the sound attributes are needed. The 10x lens seizes every moment of your tour and binds them to your memories through proper reproduction of the images. This is done by 24p, 30p modes of frame, still image capture; filter image features, easy shooting methods and many such specifications.

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Flash Memory

The SDXC memory cards are pretty useful in holding the high-definition situations and allows easy recording. The specialty of Vixia M-400 is its automatic switching of the memory cards when it gets full. While shooting an exclusive frame you need not worry because the extreme speed and the enough space of the M-400 model provides reliability.

Canon Vixia HF M400 features

Almost 2 TB of space is available with this Vixia model. The memory cards can be easily removed and punched with your computer to view the recordings and so the access of your frame assets from the camcorder is really fast.

Power Consumption

The battery is extremely powerful which lasts pretty long to ensure the seizure of sensitive moments.

CMOS Image Sensor

The fewer pixels used in the Canon Vixia camcorder helps to capture the recordings with stunning resolution. The light entry into the aperture of the Camcorder is also restricted automatically to suit the surroundings.

The dynamic range along with the optimized performance imparts the Vixia M-400 a sophisticated feature of comfortable recording.

The Get Up

The contour of the M-400 recorder is simply outstanding with the silver color ornamenting its skin. The hand control is smooth and the ‘smart auto’ feature also imparts intelligence to make it better.

Price Of Canon Vixia HF M400

The price tag of $330 is pretty nice to invest because the specifications which are present do not come easily. Therefore, the Vixia HF M400 is worth buying.

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